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Confessions of a Stationary Geek: Delving into Digital Note Taking

Like notebooks and pens and all the cute little post it flags, I share a similar addiction to the technology dominating fruit (Apple lol). Addicted but also always broke, I finally bit the bullet and bought the new iPad and Apple Pencil (queue internal money-demon shrieking, with shrieks strong enough to dissuade paying double for the Pro version). I’ve switched my entire scheme of organization since this investment and am quite content with how I have gotten my app-bearings down.

Cool, Cultural & On Campus Fall Events

Having referred to myself as a “washed up fourth year” on five, no wait six, separate occasions this past week, I have officially committed myself to three new goals: 1. getting over the flu, 2. making and following through with plans to hang out with people, and 3. taking advantage of my first ever three-course quarter and exploring all the neat things going on on campus. To aid with that anti-UChicago “good in theory, but bad in practice” third goal, I’ve rounded up some on (or near) campus upcoming events that peaked my interest for the quarter.

Be sure to check out the UChicago Arts Calendar of Events to see if anything else catches your own eye!