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Fashion Fixes: Revive & Refresh Your Worn out Wardrobe

If you’re like me, you for true attachments to your clothing pieces, regardless whether it is a sentimental thrift store find from travels or a basic t-shirt from Forever21. This truest of fashion love begets the all too familiar horror stories and heartbreaks of your favorites becoming worn out, dingy, or worst of all broken. To help you get the most out of your closet favorites (and save you some cash too #doublewin!), here are some of my go to fixes to revive and refresh your wardrobe staples.

Closet Clean Out: A Very Loose Guide

At current, I am reflecting back to how poorly I followed my own advice, continuing to shop and thrift and reorder Amazon Prime Basics Felt Hangers (these are wonderful and cheap but there is no reason I should have enough clothes to fill 150 of them). Having spent the Spring Quarter and Summer abroad, albeit with severe excess baggage charges, I have taken to collecting a refresh on my essential clothing items. Sending out a quick inspiration shoutout to the two suitcases I spent six months with and a deep closet purge upon my return to Chicago.