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Cool, Cultural & On Campus Fall Events

Having referred to myself as a “washed up fourth year” on five, no wait six, separate occasions this past week, I have officially committed myself to three new goals: 1. getting over the flu, 2. making and following through with plans to hang out with people, and 3. taking advantage of my first ever three-course quarter and exploring all the neat things going on on campus. To aid with that anti-UChicago “good in theory, but bad in practice” third goal, I’ve rounded up some on (or near) campus upcoming events that peaked my interest for the quarter.

Be sure to check out the UChicago Arts Calendar of Events to see if anything else catches your own eye!

How to Collage Your Insta Feed

I’ve been spending the days away from the computer and driving thousands of kilometers throughout middle Europe (I’m not joking odometer count is up to 15560 km) and have been proliferating Instagram with digital collage doodle things (a more official name is unbeknownst to me). I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite apps and tips and tricks and all that glorious jazz so you too can waste your summer hours fidgeting with shapes and layers, ya know if you’d like.