10 Makeup Looks for the MODA Show

10 Makeup Looks for the MODA Show

Break out your colors, glitters, and bold lips for this special day! Yes, fashion may be the spotlight of the night, but your entire look isn't complete without a perfect makeup look. And if you're like me and have no clue what to do with your makeup, check out these ten cute looks for some inspiration:

1. Pony Effect "That Girl" Holiday Makeup Tutorial: Pink eyeshadow done wrong can sometimes make your eyes look puffy and red.  But Korean makeup artist Pony captures the vibrancy of pink and orange in her eyes and on her lips perfectly. Definitely an eye-catcher with color!

2. Jungsaemmool Miranda Kerr Inspired Makeup Tutorial: Sometimes recreating that classic makeup is much harder than it looks, so Jungsaemmool effortlessly helps you achieve Miranda Kerr's glowing, natural look with a bold red lip. It's an amazing combination of classy and sophisticated that will do you no wrong.

3. Jenn Im's Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial: Sometimes, when you want to glam up a simple look, all you need is a perfect smokey eye, and Jenn Im has one just for you. This tutorial is super easy to follow, and I mean, look at that eyeliner!

4. Ellarie's Glam Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial: A fun look is to mix and match different colors and finishes, and this makeup is does just that! The color combination between the silver and the red give your eyes that special pop. Ellarie also finishes the look with strong brows and lips that are perfect for the MODA fashion show.

5. Michelle Phan's Midnight Luster: If you want a combo of color and smokey, Michelle Phan's look is perfect for you. The purple underline will add that extra pop for the night. And if you're feeling especially bold, try colored contacts like Michelle!

6. Zoella's Gold Eyes and Berry Lips: If you're looking for something more subtle, Zoella's makeup look is to die for. Her berry lips give a rustic touch. Though she wears black in the video, I think this look would go perfect with any white ensemble.

7. Jackie Wyer's Blush Pink and Nudes Makeup Tutorial: Though this tutorial is for prom, I think the combination of flirty and bold will help your eyes pop for the MODA show. Jackie's dramatic cat-eye and lashes add that extra oomph of drama that you might want.

8. Sona Gasparian's Plum Makeup Tutorial: Sometimes, using purple on your eyes can make you look like you have a black eye, but Sona Gasparian's plum makeup helps you prevent that! The dark plum color helps deepen the eyes, creating a more mysterious, yet feminine look.

9. Shirley B. Eniang's Zendaya Inspired Tutorial: Zendaya is queen, and this dramatic red look on both the eyes and lips fits that vibe exactly. Pair this makeup look with any gold accessories. It'll also look great with any white or black outfit!

10. Kaushal Beauty's Golden & Bronze Party Makeup If you want something more subtle and classic, this golden and bronze party makeup is perfect for you! Because the tones are neutral, it'll go with any outfit you decide to wear, and the makeup will photograph beautifully.

If you try any of these looks out, tag @modachicago on Instagram, as we'd love to see them!

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