Best Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Best Art Accounts to Follow on Instagram

In need of some inspiration or a simple dose of artistry interspersed amongst an endless stream of selfies and foodstagrams? Look no further. MODA has rounded up our favorite art Instagram accounts of the moment. From digitally born animation to abstract photography and our favorite painters, keep scrolling for some of the most creative content out there today. 

1 - @love.watts: With over a million followers, watt.son is a well established aesthetic source, from eerie photography to cheeky tattoos, you're bound to find something you like.      

All images via @love.watts

2 - @ice_cream_books: Follow for a shock of color and all your sweet tooth inspired needs. 

All images via @ice_cream_books

3 - @thanimara: From her bohemian, rocker chic vibes to her colorful portraits, Thani portrays herself as both an artist and a work of art. 

All images via @thanimara

4 - @copylab : Hillary Clinton in a fuzzy Alexander Wang tank top? Renaissance women donning Givenchy sweatshirts? @copylab reimagines famous works of art from around the world with a humorous, contemporary take. 

All images via @copylab

5 - @paulfuentes_design: A 21st century version of pop art photography, Paul Fuentes' work is always colorful, thought provoking and fun. 

All images via @paulfuentes_design

What are some of your favorite art Instagram accounts? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Quad Style: Elliot Choi

Quad Style: Elliot Choi

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