MODA Earring Guide 101

MODA Earring Guide 101

Let's face it. The simple single lobe piercing you got at Claire's in 7th grade could use some accompaniment and a bit of an upgrade. 

Thankfully, there's an elegant and mature way to add more jewelry without turning your ear into 90% metal, by using delicate earrings along the lobe and cuff of the ear to add some sparkle without being distracting. Even Beyoncé herself has caught on to the trend!

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She's combined three lobe piercings with two helix hoops, using delicate hoops and studs to produce a chic and stylish look. There are an endless variety of combinations of piercings, styles of earrings, types of metals, and so much more that you can use to add some personality to your ears. Check out MODA's condensed piercing guide down below for an easy guide!

A quick foreword: Experts warn that any sort of cartilage piercing will hurt more than the typical lobe piercings, since the needle has to pass through elastic tissue rather than just skin. Cartilage piercings will also longer to heal than lobe piercings, since less blood naturally flows through ear cartilage than the lobe. 

Helix (also known as cartilage)

This piercing is usually done with a stud, but can be swapped out for a ring once the piercing heals. 

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Double helix (cartilage)

Use a combination of rings and studs to add some depth to the piercings! Warning - I wouldn't personally recommend doing multiple cartilage piercings close to each other on the same ear in a single visit, since the ear is tender immediately after piercing. 

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Forward helix

Depending on how much space you have on the front portion of the top of the ear, you can fit as many as three forward helix piercings (known as the triple forward helix). 

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This piercing sits at the back of the ear, and can be done using a stud, or a ring. Though it's angled in the back of the ear, the piercing won't interfere when wearing ear buds! 

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A double conch piercing, using continuous rings, can create a delicate ear cuff effect. 


This is another type of inner ear piercing that can be done with a curved rod or ring. 

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One of the more painful piercings out there, the daith piercing passes through thick cartilage in the inner ear. 

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With more room within the ear than other piercings, the daith can accommodate detailed and shaped jewelry. Depending on ear shape and angle of the piercing, the daith piercing may look different from person to person - especially with different jewelry, like a heart. 

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3 or more earrings

Try asymmetrical earring placement for a spaced out look, or a "constellation" effect. 

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Don't let the pain deter you - if Beyoncé can do it, so can you! 

Image source: Instagram @chameleonbodyarts

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