Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: Jaire x Café Logan

Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: Jaire x Café Logan

From finishing up your first quarter at UChicago, to wrapping up your final year in the College, you've undoubtedly spent at least some portion of your time here frequenting your favorite on campus coffee shop.

Whether you gravitate towards these places for a quick shot of caffeine, a study break between classes or to meet up with friends, we've decided to feature MODA bloggers as a part of the Blog's ongoing On Campus Coffee Spots series to discover the intersections between campus culture, fashion and of course, caffeine! Keep scrolling for our unique profile on Jaire Byers, a first year Psychology major and Statistics minor. 

What kinds of RSOs and activities are you involved in on campus?

MODA Blog photographer, Campus Dining Advisory Board representative, Maroon Mentors mentee (shout-out to my lovely mentor, Qudsiyyah Shariyf)

Why is Café Logan your favorite cafe on campus? 

I love Café Logan mainly for the atmosphere: it's modern, sophisticated, and loungy without being intimidatingly chic like Quantum Café or Plein Air. I also love getting to hear the upbeat buzz of conversation among the creative professionals here at Logan. Things like that make the UChicago campus feel a little bit bigger than just a bastion of academia. Also, I'm never more than two feet from an outlet—props to the interior designers for that.

How often do you come here?

I come here probably four times a week, at the very least every Tuesday and Thursday morning to finish up my SOSC readings and go through my emails.

What is the best type of activity to do here?

I love to come here with my friend Sylvia de Boer and do some light studying together! Other than that, I mainly come here to study on my own.

What’s your go-to drink?

Medium iced chai latte with soy milk, light on the ice.

Best item on the menu?

I'm not sure if I can choose quite yet, I've only really gotten tea here. I've been meaning to try their flatbread pizzas, though—they look delicious.

What are you wearing?

My favorite tortoise eyeglass frames from EYEBUYDIRECT (one of three!), a thrifted forest green cable-knit sweater, black Levi 510s, a burgundy blouson jacket from Banana Republic, brown Mossimo chukka boots, a tribal-print scarf from Express, and assorted off-brand jewelry.  

How would you describe your personal style?

I like to see my style as a reflection of the way I try to lead my life: calculated and controlled with a natural air of casual professionalism. Emphasis on try.

All image courtesy of Nancy Xue.

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