Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: Yamini x Hallowed

Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: Yamini x Hallowed

From finishing up your first quarter at UChicago, to wrapping up your final year in the College, you've undoubtedly spent at least some portion of your time here frequenting your favorite on campus coffee shop.

Whether you gravitate towards these places for a quick shot of caffeine, a study break between classes or to meet up with friends, we've decided to feature MODA bloggers as a part of the Blog's ongoing On Campus Coffee Spots series to discover the intersections between campus culture, fashion and of course, caffeine! Keep scrolling for our unique profile on Yamini Nambimadom, a first year potentially majoring in Economics or Public Policy, with a minor in Theater & Performance Studies.

1. What kinds of RSOs and activities are you involved in on campus?

Off Off Campus, photographer and writer for MODA Magazine, photographer for MODA Blog, Photo & Video Intern at the Center for Identity & Inclusion.

2. Why is Hallowed Grounds your favorite cafe on campus?

Hallowed has an old-school college bar feel, with the gothic windows, pool tables, and dimly lit atmosphere. Every barista plays soft, relaxing songs from their own personal playlist (usually very well-curated), which, mixed with occasional chatter, creates a comforting background noise. Located in Reynolds Club, it's pretty central to most of campus, which makes it really easy to pop in before and after classes and work. The baristas are so sweet and I've often had great conversations with some of them.

3. How often do you come here?

I usually stop by at least once a day! My favorite time to go is in the evenings, because the crowd dies down and the music is usually more soothing.

4. What is the best type of activity to do here?

I love reading here, because the background noise is quiet enough for a focused environment but lively enough not to be intimidating. If I can snatch a table, I also like to work on papers here. The ambience really stimulates my brain like no other work space has! It's also always a lovely place to get a snack and chat with a friend.

5. What’s your go-to drink?

The Chai! They make it with extra cinnamon, so it's truly an experience. It's sweet, spicy, and has a great kick to it.

6. Best item on the menu?

I tend not to *eat* very often at Hallowed, but their croissants are delicious!

7. What are you wearing?

A distressed knit cardigan from Missguided, a mock neck tank top I thrifted, a pastel floral envelope skirt from Forever 21, UNIQLO HeatTech tights (I want to be cute but I want to be warm too, y'know?), cream knit socks from Target, and my Jeffery Campbell Chelsea Rainboots!

8. How would you describe your personal style?

Kind of all over the place? I love following trends, but I also draw my inspiration from all over the place. I watch people in the airport and scope out cool pieces they're working, I watch old sitcoms and draw from some of their outfits, and I pore over fashion blogs and style guides. I guess I would say my style is girly and glam with a bit of an edge to it. I like soft textures and muted colors but I also love throwing in leather, distressed pieces, biker boots, chokers, etc.

All images courtesy of Kiran Misra. Check out her photography portfolio here.

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