What's In My Bag: Belle

What's In My Bag: Belle

The Bags

Herschel Supply Co. Backpack

I wish I could rock some of the pastel colored backpacks Herschel has, but I'm a pretty monochromatic person and a plain black backpack just makes things easier. My Herschel Backpack is my staple piece for school. After carrying a leather tote everyday for two years, I needed to give my shoulders a break. This backpack is not only lightweight, it's super capacious. I typically carry two notebooks, my planner, one or two books, and my 15in. MacBook Pro and there's still space for more. I got my backpack from Urban Outfitters' mens section. Head over to the UO downtown or click on the link above to check out Herschel's other models!

Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Mini City

I am obsessed with bags and purses and WOCs and totes but I always find my way to my Balenciaga Mini City. I carry it LITERALLY. EVERYWHERE. For brunch in the city, traveling, or hanging out with friends, this is what you want. The Balenciaga mini city is so sturdy and holds surprisingly much for its size. Its black and gold color scheme goes with every outfit. If you're like me and likes to wear black on black on black, this Balenciaga is the perfect way to add an accent to your outfit without really trying. I recommend going for the lambskin rather than other leather for this bag, just because the toughness keeps the purse's shape better and longer.

image via Belle Chen

Content in the bag!

For School


Moleskine 18 Month Academic Planner

I use this planner on the daily to remind myself of assignment due dates and deadlines. For me, having a physical copy of my reminders help me stay on top of things. It is oddly satisfying when I checkmark every task I've completed!

image via Belle Chen

image via Belle Chen

There is also an 18-month calendar in this planner, which I use to mark dates I travel and multi-day events.


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MUJI. MUJI. MUJI. Need I say more? I'm obsessed with the simplicity of their products. The ink also flows super nicely.  Muji Online Store US

For Everyday Wear


Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray                           L'Occitane Hand Cream

This Mario Badescu Rose Water is the bomb. I spray it on my face and hair more often than needed, but why not? The spray contains aloe and keeps my skin hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. I also use it to set my makeup sometimes if I'm only wearing some bronzer and don't want my face to feel heavy. If you're wearing a full face make up, though, this Urban Decay Setting Spray will keep you matte for the long day (or night).

I have very dry hands, especially during the winter. I carry a travel size L'Occitane hand cream with me at all times. This product has one of the highest Shea butter content among all hand creams on the market (so I was told by a Sephora shopper), so it keeps my hands moisturized and soft.


     Fresh Sugar Lip Therapy                                    Tom Ford Lipstick in Indian Rose

This Fresh lip balm is honestly amazing. It has a subtle citrus scent and reminds me of a lemon sorbet. It is also a light weight base for my lipstick, hydrating my lips without adding too much oil that can prevent the lip color from setting in.

I'm obsessed with the shade Indian Rose by Tom Ford. It's a combination of a metallic finish and a creamy dusty rose color. It's great for everyday wear but also goes well with a heavier eye makeup.


myCharge Portable Charger with Chords and Built-in Wall Prongs

I got this portable charger as I was waiting to board at O'Hare. It is truly a lifesaver. It's carry-on sage!  The built-in chords and wall prongs make my life so much easier and I don't even have to worry about bringing my charger or untangling the chord. This portable charger can charge my iPhone 6s up to 4 times. It also recharges super fast when plugged into the wall.


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