What's In My Bag: Kathryn

What's In My Bag: Kathryn

What are the essentials that the MODA bloggers carry from class to class and around downtown? This quarter we will be featuring each blogger's personal bag and their favorite items to stow and use, as well as where to find these products. So what can't the fashionable bloggers of MODA not live without? 

Up next is my tragically overstuffed, DIY patch emblazoned, and frequently linty backpack! 

The Bag

What: Baggu Canvas Backpack in Black 

Get it direct from  Baggu  or also available on  Amazon !

Get it direct from Baggu or also available on Amazon!

Why: I love this bag for its simple and durable design. It's small enough for day to day travel but also big enough to fit my laptop, books, and objectively unhealthy amount of pens and markers. I added a little personal flair with some DIY embroidered patches from my winter break crafty binge. 

The Contents

Bullet Journal & Journal

If you have seen my numerous bullet-journal-Instagram-posts, you know how obsessive I am regarding writing down assignments/appointments in pretty script. I also have recently gotten into just generic journaling to clear my head and again practice pretty handwriting. I use a squared Moleskine for bullet journaling and a plain paged one for my rambling thoughts. 


Although admittedly purchased on Amazon because I didn't want to wait for MochiThings to ship it, my Ghost Pop wallet is one of my new favorite possessions. It's cute and quirky and was cheap and has a coin pouch and zips and...and...and...basically it is my ideal wallet layout and has neat little cartoon drawings all over it. Check out other designs and sizes here!


A not-at-all groundbreaking thing to carry around with you to the Reg and classes, but these grapefruit colored specs make all the many (many, many!) p-sets I have voluntarily brought upon myself slightly more fashionable. These Chelsea glasses from Warby Parker's upwards slope pays a slight homage to the retro cat-eyed sunnies, while the clear pinky shade gives them a modern edge. Be sure to check out other cool Warby frames, complete with outfit pairings, here

Water Bottle

For anyone who has even slightly perused the health section of any beauty magazine, staying hydrated is a must. I adore my Corkcicle water bottle for its obnoxiously large size (it fits a bottle of wine - tried and true), shiny pink exterior, and ability to keep water ice cold for 24 hours.

MacBook Pro

Another obvious one! This baby goes with me everywhere, holding my textbooks, readings, and objectively awful first quarter Hume essays. 

Miscellaneous Chargers

Another staple for the inevitably long days away from home when you live at 54th and Drexel and your iPhone battery rebels against any temperature less than forty degrees. 

Muji Notebooks

Ah, yes, we're back to the stationary topics *gains excitement*. As someone who prides themselves on pretty notes and even highlights / writes in script in lectures, I greatly enjoy good quality notebooks. These ones from Muji are crazy cheap ($1.25 each - what!?) and even have, wait for it, blank pages (so much freedom for all the diagrams and mechanisms that fill their pages!). They are also available in lined and gridded for those desiring more structure for their ink to flow on.  


Raise your hand if you're a STEM major and have three p-sets due each and every Wednesday morning! I've had this little guy since high school and have been well-trained to carry it everywhere, forever ready to solve any physics/chem/math equation this school throws at me. 

An Unhealthy Amount of Pens

Again with all the stationary related items! I routinely carry around a good two pounds of pens, markers, highlighters, etc, etc, etc. They all have a specific purpose, I promise! 

All images via Kathryn Hicks. 


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