Bite-Sized Resolutions for the New Year

Bite-Sized Resolutions for the New Year

Here's to a new quarter, a new year, and a clichΓ©d new you! If you're like me, this calendar-marked fresh start fills you with many desires to actually do your readings, utilize your tuition-included gym membership, break that bad habit, etc, etc, etc. If you're also like me, your endeavors cease to exist on January 7th. 

With remembrance of all my many years of quickly forgotten resolutions currently nagging at me, I've decided to turn to the Internet in an attempt to establish some inkling of accountability and hopefully stick to at least one thing for more than a week. In addition to adding an accountability factor, I've also decided to break down some of my old resolutions into more manageable, bite-sized goals in further attempts to actually accomplish something. Hopefully these five of mine give you a little inspiration on some baby-step-themed resolutions to add to your list. 

1. Increased Organization

Ah yes, the typical "organization resolution" has topped the list. In the spirit of slimming down the over-whelmingness of my past resolutions, I have decided to resolve myself to simply make sure I write down any various tasks I have to do. Despite my "type A" roots, I have fallen victim to many mid-quarter slumps and skipped two-week spans in my attempts to bullet journal. For those also seeking a little more organization this new year and new quarter, here is a little "studyblr" sourced motivation for you. 

2. Be Greener

Despite its broad title, I actually value the resolution to be greener on my list, as we can all do our part to help out our shared planet. This 2017, I have pledged to use reusable bags when grocery shopping and bring my own cup for my caffeine fixes. This goal boils down to basically shoving a reusable bottle or cup and a foldable shopping bag into your bag for the day and remembering to use it. Baggu, Corkcicle, and S'well make this happen in style too! 

3. Self-Care

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This one is a big one for me, but it can easily vary involvement wise from person to person. For me, waking up with a small routine has dramatically helped me start the day on a positive note (even with some desires to be productive mixed in there!). I've taken to downloading the Intellectual Devotional (a short little lesson on various daily topics from history to philosophy to arts, each day for 365) to my iBooks and reading each day's passage as I'm still sleepy-eyed and yawning in my duvet. A good tip is finding something, even something very small, to do every day that cheers you up and always remember that your own well-being is very important. 

4. Be Healthier


Another cult favorite for the new year! For me, pledging to exercise more always gets neglected due to time constraints and lack of motivation. This year, I'll hopefully be able to upkeep the much more manageable resolution of skipping an Uber and simply walking more. I've learned this one the hard way, but if you need an extra boost to use the CTA and walk a bit more, look at your Uber spending history (these peskily convenient cars were very unkind to my wallet this past summer). 

5. Experience New Things / Enrich the Mind

The last resolution on my list is intentionally left very open-ended and broad. I've found a significantly increased sense of happiness and discovered new things about myself every time I take a baby step out of my comfort zone. I am smiling largely while sitting in the Reg stacks thinking back to the day I first tried pork tongue (highly recommend this at The Purple Pig!), went to the Art Institute alone (shoutout to Moholy-Nagy: Future Present for ever inspiring me), and adopted a parakeet. Go on adventures, even small ones, this year, my dears! 

Wishing you all a happy, cheerful, and productive year of you! 

All not labelled images via Kathryn Hicks. 

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