Style Inspiration: Twin Peaks

Style Inspiration: Twin Peaks

2017 is finally here, and in the entertainment world at least, it already looks promising. There are many new movies, albums, and TV shows to look forward to, but one in particular has me very excited: Twin Peaks. Originally airing in 1990, the cult classic is making its comeback this year on Showtime. Without spoiling too much, Twin Peaks tells the story of a town struggling to investigate and cope with, the murder of one of its members, Laura Palmer, and the supernatural events that follow her death. Famous for its thrilling plot, eerie music, and beautiful cinematography, one thing that captivated me about the show were the outfits. While the 90's have been trending in the fashion world with items like chokers, slip dresses, and white sneakers, check out the character's outfits below to channel a different, and more winter friendly, version of this decade. 

Donna Hayward

Donna, Laura Palmer's best friend, embodies the comfy-cute look with oversized sweaters in bold colors, color block, and a variety of knits. 

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Audrey Horne

Audrey, who's father is the richest (and possibly most greedy) man in Twin Peaks, always looks elegant and stylish with her signature sweater, plaid skirt, and saddle shoe ensemble. 

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Shelly Johnson

Shelly, when not seen in her Double R Diner's uniform, is a master of layering and accessorizing, and was rocking headbands before Blair Waldorf made them cool again. 

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Josie Packard

Owner of the Packard Sawmill after the death of her husband, Josie looks chic no matter the occasion, and her bold red lipstick always makes her outfits pop. 

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