Food Blogs: the Best of the Best

Food Blogs: the Best of the Best

If I'm looking at food blogs, chances are:

  1. I am extremely bored in a lecture where the professor carelessly allows laptops.

  2. It’s cold and cloudy outside, and I want to do something indoors.

  3. The fridge is empty.

  4. The pantry is full.

  5. Pretty much any reason not listed in points 1-4.

To be honest, I couldn’t really think of an inappropriate occasion for a recipe hunt. But it is outrageously difficult to find a recipe when as of April 2015 there are more than 227 million blogs out there vying for your attention (and it probably grows exponentially). I'm not running a food lab, after all.

So how do I find the perfect recipe? After hours and hours spent on the internet trying out recipes, I have accumulated a short list of favorites. In general, I prefer blogs of an aircraft carrier size that cover a decent range of topics, from different cuisines to kitchen guides. Nevertheless, there's no end to new food blogs. Plus specialty blogs are always great if you want to get to the bottom of something.

Here are my Top 3:

#3: Epicurious


One of Epicurious' new recipes: Pork Chops with Fig and Grape Agrodolce


What sets Epicurious apart for me is that of my top 3 food websites, it is the only one with a Community Table section. Food lovers come together and share their beloved recipes. Do not underestimate the collective power of a platform's boundless creativity or depth! You’ll find skillet vegan brownie, pressure cooker cheesecakes, and even paleo recipes. Another great thing about Epicurious is its Holidays & Events. Does your stomach clench thinking about the excitement and fear that comes along with the holiday season? This section helps you cook to the season. Epicurious is the Michael Phelps of food journalism: they've won almost every award in the field. And, as part of Condé Nast, it has its own App, which is one of the best rated. Could looking for recipes be easier?

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#2: Saveur

Some say we are obsessed with food not because we are gluttonous, but because we love the lifestyle encapsulated in harvesting, cooking, and eating. Saveur embodies just this sentiment. The website takes you to Italy to meet the maker of the world’s rarest pasta, to the tea brokers in South China, and back to America for a fresh look at today's most modern practices. Besides recipes and perhaps your next travel destination, you will also find an ultimate gift guide, noteworthy emerging blogs, and videos ranging from Greek graveyard picnics to the Decathlon of Cheese.

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#1: SeriousEats

If you only have time for one website, this is it. Led by Ed Levine and Kenji Lopéz-Alt, SeriousEats stands for the ultimate pursuit of scientific and thorough deliciousness. You will find how-to videos that explore the science behind cooking. For example, like why you should add pasta water to your sauce, or why it tastes so much better when you whisk salt into eggs before scrambling them.

By “serious,” we mean impressive, audacious, inventive, well-made, or just seriously delicious. We believe great eating comes from home skillets and corner bodegas just as readily as four-star white-tablecloth joints.
— The Serious Eats Team

For those curious minds out there, check out their features and anthropological takes on food — bottled water, Oreos, Jell-O and chewing gum count too. For those home cooks who want to bring their everyday cooking to another level, the Techniques and Kitchen Essentials will be your new most frequently visited pages. For the rest of us, the Recipes section will reveal trustworthy ways to cook anything from Ikura Don to Mezcal Negroni. And don't forget to check out their Podcast Special Sauce if you wanna get a sneak peek of renowned food lovers’ lives and the culinary world.

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Hopefully I haven’t exhausted your interest in food by throwing a ton of pictures and websites at you. My ever updating list of favorites doesn’t end here, nor does my hunt for recipes. Stay tuned for more!

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Study Abroad Files: Kraków

Study Abroad Files: Kraków

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