Quad Style: Zoe Makoul

Quad Style: Zoe Makoul

Meet Zoe, a fourth year studying Political Science and Environmental and Urban Studies. Currently, she the Executive Director of the University Ballet of Chicago, a Peer Advisor at the Center for Leadership and Involvement, and part of the Phoenix Sustainability Initiative and APO.

What are you wearing for this shoot?

In these pictures, I’m wearing a few of my favorite pieces. I have on a crop-top black sweater from H&M with these sporty stripes on the collar and sleeves, which I am totally in love with. Over it, I have a really lovely chiffon button-down. I don’t remember where it’s from, but I’m super into the lace collar and the diamond cutout in the back. I don’t remember where my pleated skirt is from either, but it’s also navy blue chiffon. My shoes are just Adidas sneakers. I’m also wearing my grandmother’s watch.

How would you describe your personal style?

My style is eclectic, but overall it’s soft and feminine with an edge. Each day I dress for how I feel, so I’m sometimes in athleisure, sometimes in all-natural cotton and Birkenstocks, sometimes in lots of lace and frills. I would say that the most consistent factor in my style is a retro element. I love adding a touch of something interesting, which I usually do with lace details, ‘60s patterns, or A-line cuts. I just got bangs, which I wear down maybe half the time, depending on my outfit. I also wear lots of layers, and I love combining textures in unexpected ways.

Where do you find style inspiration?

I like creating outfits based on one or two pieces that I’m really feeling. Whenever I find something new or rediscover something old in my closet, I get excited about planning what to wear with it. Because a lot of my family lives in Israel, whenever I visit I always try to look for interesting pieces that I might not necessarily find locally. Those are the clothes I’ll center an outfit around. I also get a lot of style inspiration from the bolder statements celebrities are making now, which gives me more freedom to experiment and take risks.


Where do you like to shop?

For me, the trick is shopping in unexpected places. I love thrift stores, and I also get a lot of hand-me-downs from my mom and my little sister, which is always fun because my mom has a very natural loose style and my sister is very into current trends and street-style. I also like to save money and find unique clothes by shopping in the kids section at places like H&M or Zara.

Do you have any fashion regrets? 

In high school, I definitely went through a phase where I felt uncomfortable with my body and hid it with lots of loose layers. I wouldn’t say that I regret having dressed like that, but it was definitely a look. My relationship to fashion has changed as I’ve grown up a little. I still like to wear layers and lots of sweaters, but I’ve learned that less is more. I try to shop for my size (hello kids section!) instead of wearing lots of baggy clothes.

What is your relationship to fashion and has it changed over time? Why is fashion important to you?

Now, I see fashion as expression and as an art, but even more importantly, I can honor how I feel by making meaningful choices about what goes onto my body. What I wear can totally change my day.

All images courtesy of Jaire Byers. View his photography portfolio here.

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