2017 Holidays Gift Guide

2017 Holidays Gift Guide

December commenced in a flurry of finals and fleeting sunlight, and before we know it we'll be barreling towards winter break and the holidays. While your mind may still be fixated on term papers and exams, take a much needed study break and check out some of our holiday gift suggestions, perfect for family, friends, significant others or even an obligatory Secret Santa! 



Magma Sketchbooks

For all the artistically inclined people in your life! These beautiful sketchbooks (which you can purchase at the super cool stationary store Papersmiths) are made entirely of eco-friendly materials and provide plenty of blank pages for designs and sketches. Better yet, in the back of each sketchbook are subject-specific information and practical tools. Choose from Art & Illustration, Film & Animation, Architecture, Fashion Design and other subjects.

Candle Set

Buying someone candles may seem like a cop out, but trust me it's not. Especially after moving off campus, candles have become my go-to for livening up the apartment. There are also a surprising amount of trendy candle brands out there right now, with interesting scents and spot-on packaging. Personal favorites include Boy Smells, Good Natured Soy, Replica and Madewell's recently launched line. 


Portable Record Player

Record players really add a personal touch to your living space–especially as you start to amass a record collection of your own! I've always liked these portable Crosley record players (which you can find in an array of cool colors and finishes at Urban Outfitters (they're on sale too!!). Toss in a couple $1 vinyls from Hyde Park Records on 53rd and you've perfected the art of thoughtful gift-giving.

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Mejuri Jewelry

In my opinion, the best gift to give (and to receive!) is the gift of jewels. It's a personal, thoughtful gift that stays with the recipient for years to come. I first fell in love with Mejuri's jewelry when I saw their evil eye designs, but upon prowling their website a little further, I see that they have a bounty of simple, elegant little gold and silver pieces that are perfect for that girl in your life who chooses to stay understated (and whom everyone envies for her effortlessness). Image via


For Love and Lemons Bralettes

What you wear underneath is just as important as what's on top. These bralettes are endlessly comfy and downright sexy- just like For Love and Lemons. This is the perfect gift for that girl who loves to be chic in all aspects of her life. Image via 


Lirika Matoshi Stars in Her Eyes Socks

I know these seem frivolous and wholly unnecessary, but where is the fun in a gift that is practical? Give the gift of glitter in this unique little stocking stuffer, which is perfect for pairing with strappy heels for a shimmery night out. Image via



Beauty Box Set

If you know someone who doesn't know how to start their beauty collection, Sephora's Superstar Everyday Must Haves has everything to satisfy their beauty needs from primer to highlight to liquid lipstick. 


Clara Jewel Ear Jackets

Earrings usually get overlooked in a jewelry collection, so do your friend or family member a favor by getting them this dainty but detailed piece from Rebecca Minkoff!


Chicago Architecture Tour

Instead of a physical present, why not gift an experience? Give your special someone tickets to Chicago's famed architecture tour and have a chance to explore its rich history and scenery!

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Water Carafe

Whether you're buying a gift for someone who's in housing or has their own apartment, you can't go wrong with a classy (and millennial pink!) glass carafe. It's the perfect addition to a vanity or a bedside table. And let's be real: knowing you don't have to get up to go to the kitchen when you wake up parched sure helps you rest easy.


Sephora "Into the Stars" Palette

Suddenly "new year, new me" seems a lot more plausible. Sephora just started selling this limited mega-palette with more than a 75% discount. You can become your most makeup obsessed friend's favourite person overnight. Or you could just do what I did and buy it for yourself.



Have a friend who you're pretty sure hasn't left the Reg since third week? You may want to get them this. Dodow is an innovative device designed by insomniacs to help you get to sleep faster. The touch sensitive disk projects a soft light on your bedroom ceiling. By coordinating your breathing as the light expands and contracts, you're able to finally let yourself relax enough to nod off. And it really works.

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Compartes Rose and Rosé Chocolate

My obsession with Compartes chocolate will never end. The packaging on each flavor is unique, fun, and perfect for a holiday gift. Each chocolate bar is $9.99, and the truffle sets are a bit pricier ranging from $59.99-$99.99. Roses and Rosé is in my opinion the most fun flavor Compartes has. The bright pink color of the chocolate is a bit shocking at first and the rosé salt on the back is a lot of fun. It'll be the perfect gift idea for someone with a sweet tooth.

Atelier Bloem Black Tulip Eau de Parfum

Atelier Bloem's fragrances are a bit bougie and expensive for a present, but if you're willing to go all out for this gifting season, this is the perfect thing to get, especially for a friend, girlfriend, mom, etc.. There are a lot of great scents in Atelier's selection, but this one is my absolute favorite. Black Tulip is such a clean, fresh scent. It's not overwhelmingly floral to the point that it smells like your grandmother, but it has enough strength to be bold. If my boyfriend got this for me, I'd probably die of happiness.

Kate Spade New York Monogram Cardholder

Cardholders are the best thing to happen to me since I graduated from my high school era of Lilly Pulitzer wristlets. They're compact, practical, and cute. Gifting this to a friend of yours will be a nod to her productivity, and you can't go wrong with Kate Spade's classic simplicity. These cardholders are available in various monogram letters, so you can customize it to your special someone.

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