It's the Holiday (Cocktail) Season!

It's the Holiday (Cocktail) Season!

Longer nights and the sun setting at 4:30 means one thing: more time for cocktails! 

Well, not really, but let us pretend this logic makes sense. After all, there's something quite satisfying about sitting back, putting on some holiday tunes, and sipping on a drink that doesn't make you shudder.

For those chilly evenings when you just want to stay in with a drink (or two) and some good friends, I present you with a ~festive~ take on the White Russian:

- Fill a glass with ice


- Pour an equal ratio of vodka and caramel Kahlúa (or peppermint Kahlúa if you're feeling extra jolly)

-  Fill the rest of the glass with your milk of choice and stir it up

- Feel really cool that you made an actual cocktail, but don't be that guy.


And there it is: a pleasantly sweet and creamy blend of coffee, caramel, and liquor.

If you're really feeling the holiday vibes, here are a few more cocktail recipes to give you some ideas:

A more involved peppermint White Russian 

Red wine hot chocolate -- don't hate.

Fireball hot toddy 'cause you know you have some on hand.

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