Interview Series: NudeStix

Interview Series: NudeStix

Welcome to MODA Interview Series, where we feature influencers and leaders in the fashion industry in the Chicago area and beyond to discuss their design inspirations, their creative backgrounds and what it means to be a self-starter in the fashion world today. 

This time around we bring you an interview with Taylor Frankel, the co-founder of NudeStix. Started by two sisters and their mother, the brand epitomizes the easy-going and easy-to-use beauty trends of late. Be sure to check out the brand's website, Instagram, and Facebook for more ways to keep connected and up to date with the brand's missions. 

How you would describe NudeStix's overall design aesthetic? Who is your ideal shopper? 

We describe the Nudestix design aesthetic as “Crayola meet Chanel”. We’ve designed all of our products/packaging to look super sleek and luxurious in matte black, yet very approachable, as pencils are super easy to use. I would also use the word fresh and/or cool, since we are accustomed to seeing traditional product packaging such as compacts, large palette and tubes. I find the pencil concept extremely refreshing and simple. I find simplicity very chic. 

Our ideal shopper is the millennial or Gen Z client. We are the new generation of women/girls who embrace the less is more approach to beauty packaging — nothing gets thrown away, all of our packaging is made from renewable resources and can be recycled or re-used. Also, portability - nudestix was designed with the girl on the go in mind. Our tins are smaller than your smart phone and all of our pencils are travel friendly. The Nudestix girl/guy are your everyday #babebosses. We want/need beauty products to fit into our lifestyle. 

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A post shared by NUDESTIX (@nudestix) on

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What got you into the makeup industry in general? 

My mom, Jenny Frankel was inspired to launch Nudestix by observing my sister (Ally) and myself (Taylor). She observed that my sister and I did not perceive beauty the way she once did. Although we love beauty, we are not into wearing layers of caked on makeup and color. Before Nudestix, the beauty industry constantly talked about perfection and flawless. There was no middle ground for those girls who did not aspire for perfection. Moreover, since the beauty industry only talked about perfection and flawless, it completely alienated my sister and I, as we just wanted to look like better versions of ourselves! Our definition of beautiful is a touch of color here and there to accentuate our finest features. We believe that makeup should be easy, fast, effortless and fun for the everyday girl and woman. 

What informs your design philosophy? Is there anything that inspires you in particular when conceptualizing the image of your store and products? 

We design with a social aesthetic – meaning we focus on swatches, cute gifs, relatable content, real looking models/faces, fun, on trend and inclusive content. In-store, we look very lifestyle, our swatches/images are very social as well. All of our images are found on our Instagram page. Being a digital brand, our aesthetic is very playful, fun, relatable yet trend focused. We use my sister and I as the faces of Nudestix, because we want Nudestix to feel relatable to the everyday girl. 

Can you describe NudeStix's mission statement in a sentence?

NUDESTIX is a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the bases and give you a fresh-faced, nude look. 

What is a milestone for NudeStix that you are particularly proud of? 

I would say launching Sephora in global markets, essentially increasing our distribution internationally. This was a milestone because we now have the opportunity to travel to Asia, Australia, and Europe to connect and engage with the Nudestix girl internationally. 


What's next for NudeStix? Is there anything you're looking forward to in particular?

We are planning to launch new and innovative products in the new year! I can’t share exactly what they are yet, but you will not be disappointed! In addition, we are launching new retailers in the UK! We’re very excited for upcoming partnerships. More details to come in 2018....stay tuned. 

Do you have any advice for young people interested in pursuing beauty, design, or retail as a career?

Be prepared to think omni-channel. In the beauty industry today, it is very critical to have a very strong online and offline presence. Consumers are looking for a 360 approach - your content online should mirror content in-store. Also, consumers are looking for digital experiences in-store. In other words, you want to engage on all platforms 24/7. Also, be prepared for fast paced environment. The beauty/design world is ever changing, and thanks to social media - start up brands have the ability to adapt to the changes super quickly. You need to be constantly engaged and active on social platforms. Finally, digital content is king. 


All content and images via NudeStix's website, Instagram, or Facebook. Thanks so much to Taylor and NudeStix for providing MODA with this awesome interview!

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