Interview Series: Skylar Yoo

Interview Series: Skylar Yoo

Welcome to MODA Interview Series, where we feature influencers and leaders in the fashion industry in the Chicago area and beyond to discuss their design inspirations, their creative backgrounds and what it means to be a self-starter in the fashion world today. 

This edition brings you an interview with Alice Yoo - the powerhouse behind the newly released feminist fashion, art, and accessories brand, Skylar Yoo. With inspiration stemming from the historic January 21, 2017 Women's March, the collection features hand lettering from world-wide artists and brings to life inspiring and empowering messages for women. 

How you would describe Skylar Yoo's overall design aesthetic? Who is your ideal shopper? 

We're a modern brand that appeals to creative women. As a company, we hope to appeal to the strong, independent modern woman who makes bold choices. She's the creative entrepreneur who loves fashion and design, the one that doesn't follow trends but makes them.

What got you into the fashion industry in general? 

I've loved fashion since I was in high school. I used to pore over my sister's glossy magazines like Vogue or Elle and just spend hours looking at the artistry of the clothes. I never knew that I would one day end up in fashion but after working with artists at My Modern Met and discovering how beautiful hand lettering could look when applied to clothes, it dawned on me that I had something unique to offer.

We are a company that strives to inspire and empower women to: Chase after their dreams, however big they may be, Trust in themselves and their abilities, and Create a life they love
— Alice Yoo

What informs your design philosophy? Is there anything that inspires you in particular when conceptualizing the image of your store and products? 

I love clean, modern design. When conceptualizing the image of my online store I knew it had to be well organized, easy to navigate, and that it on our homepage, we highlighted our mission. 

Can you describe Skylar Yoo's mission statement in a sentence? 

Skylar Yoo aims to inspire and empower women to be bold.

What is a milestone for Skylar Yoo that you are particularly proud of? 

That we finally launched to the public! It took about a year to get to the point when we finally opened. There were lots of sleepless nights, finding the right hand letterers, working with our designers on the website, and making sure our back-end was working.

What's next for Skylar Yoo? Is there anything you're looking forward to in particular? 

We'll be launching a kids and toddlers line next. We've received so many requests from people to make girls' versions of our shirts. One day, I'd like to create a blog for our website that showcases bold women, especially women entrepreneurs, and their contributions to society.

Do you have any advice for young people interested in pursuing fashion, design, or retail as a career? 

To all the young people starting out, I want to tell them that the one thing they need to be successful in life is perseverance. They'll get knocked down but all that matters is that they stand right back up and try again. Lately, I've also been drawn to the term resilience. No matter what your background is, whether you had a rough childhood or not, you have the ability to shape your future. Ok, and one last thing. Dream big (and then bigger)!

Full of incredible design by a staff of artists, everything from Skylar Yoo is neatly designed and intrinsically full of female pride. Here are some of my personal favorites: 

Grit Tee

For the motivated woman who doesn't let anything stand in her way.

Shop here

Feminist Tattoo

Raise your hand if you agree that women and men should have the same rights and opportunities!

Shop here


Unstoppable Enamel Pin

Show the world that nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Shop here.

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