Uniqlo U–Enlightening Your Everyday

Uniqlo U–Enlightening Your Everyday

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Together with my friends, we set more than fifteen alarms to wake up before 7am (Midwest here) for the H&M x Erdem on Nov.2. By slightly I mean at 6:58am since we all had our laptop and wallet ready, within an arm’s reach, the night before.

We thought we did the homework and prepared for the occasion:

  1. Watch the movie at least 5 times plus screaming at the models’ preternaturally gorgeous faces;
  2. Peruse the look book during lectures, problem sessions, and whenever electronic devices are (not) allowed;
  3. Hunt down every fashion blogger that went to the pre-sale, read their reviews, watch their Youtube videos, and see (study) their photos;
  4. Imagine which ones that would look good on you-after all it’s pricier than the H&M that we are used to;
  5. Message the group chat and see what others think;
  6. Give honest opinions about their picks.

But we only woke up painfully early to see a crushed website, and to constantly refresh the same page telling us too many fashion lovers were fighting to get a piece or two. Later in the day we would find out that orders went through App just fine.

Lesson learned: the one and only preparation we need is to figure out ways of purchase. 

If you got onto the H&M x Erdem website only to find out scraps of socks and scarves, despair not, we were with you.

Cheer up, because Uniqlo U, a long-term collaboration between Uniqlo and Christophe Lemaire, released its second half Fall/Winter 2017 collection on the same day, which was far more wearable, budget-friendly and seasonal. The purpose and driving force behind this collaboration? See how the artistic director outlining their vision:

Now gear up, because it’s not sold out yet and some items are already on sale!!!

After spending a whole afternoon in Uniqlo trying on almost every piece from Uniqlo U FW2017, I got everything available in my size (ranging from Woman XS to Man M because let's be honest here, an oversized flannel shirt/sweatshirt is always called for).  

I recommend without reservation that you do the same. You won’t regret it. Go to, place your order online (more sizes and styles than in store), add a few Heattech items to your cart, and you’ll be all set for the winter.

There's enough hype about Uniqlo U, praising its progressive concept, revolutionary knitting techniques and minimalistic aesthetics. To be fair every collaboration is fueled by the unique spark between the designer and brand. But enough for all these metaphysical talks, in the end we want something to wear on a daily basis-in the rain, on our way to school/work, at home, to grocery shopping... And I  think this is it.

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