MODA’s Auction

MODA’s Auction

The following post was written by Luke Lundstrom, Sponsorship Manager of MODA.

This is your personal invitation and roadmap to MODA’s first, and one of UChicago’s most prestigious, silent auctions—all items MODA approved.

MODA is excited to announce that this year we will be hosting a silent auction during the cocktail hour of our annual winter fashion show: MODA XIII.

We continually strive to innovate and extend the reach of our show from the UChicago and Hyde Park community. That being said, we secured some superb items in our auction this year. Without further adieu I present some of the frontrunners of our auction:

StudentUniverse promo code of $500*. Whether you have big plans for the summer, need a quick trip abroad or just miss the chaotic environment of airports, MODA x StudentUniverse has you covered. Take your student reduced flight, available only with StudentUniverse, to anywhere in the world*. No matter your preferred airline, Delta to Emirates, StudentUniverse has it and you can travel anywhere, anytime. Bidding starts at $250.

Moving off campus and just realized your apartment is literally a million miles from campus? MODA has you covered. Chicago Bicycles is providing the Sun Baja Cruz Bicycle, perfect for turning heads as you stroll to class with ease on what some may say is the smoothest ride of your life. No more stressful runs to the bus stop, waiting for the Central, or walking to class as the Chicago wind ruins the look you took so long to curate—bike in style. Bidding starts $150.

What’s black, white, and filled with little blessings? It is a Sephora gift bag, and they didn’t skimp on value. With a $50 gift card, personalized make over, and tons of amazing samples and products, you are prepared for looking like a million bucks. Looks like this? Priceless. Cost to own? Bidding starts at $35.

In a frat? Like the classy, preppy look? Want to go to the Point in elegance? Stand above the rest with style that is unique, handmade and MODA approved. Ties by Lucy donated two handmade bowties and they couldn’t be any more dapper. Bidding starts at $10.

Two words: Graziela Gems. One word: Couture. These earrings are one of a kind, and they will be the statement piece of any outfit. MODA is excited to have these exclusive earrings and give our attendees the ability to “frost” themselves in the luxury of Graziela. Bidding starts at $600. And yes, they are real.

Sushi is good and Sunda is even better at making it. So treat yourself. Finals week is coming and you know you are going to need a reward after that last final. So why not do it in the best way? Nothing compares to Sunda and this $200 will have you eating sushi for days. Bidding starts at $50.

We’ve all been there. We want a bougie dinner, we want to order the ginger-glazed salmon roasted on a cedar plank and laid on a bed of sautéed mushrooms. So eliminate that buyer’s remorse after the meal with this Ralph Lauren Polo Bar gift card. And seriously, consider getting the salmon, I don’t even like fish and I got it. You deserve it, maybe even treat your significant other, or the hardworking sponsorship team of MODA. Bidding starts at $50 but that cherry’s jubilee starts at $8.

Remember when your parents visited and they asked where they should stay? Remember when they said they could just sleep in your apartment? Don’t worry, MODA has your back. Get this one night stay at the Park Hyatt and prepare yourself for next year’s parents weekend.

We are so excited about this addition to our show and can’t wait to show all the amazing products we have in store. But, you’ll have to come to the show to see some of our most exclusive donors and products. We didn’t skimp on luxury or practicality and you are sure to find something that you didn’t know you needed at MODA’s first silent auction.

So see you tomorrow, February 24th at what is sure to be MODA’s best show yet: MODA XIII!

*the StudentUniverse code is good through 12/31/2017 and may be used for any flight, any where. It is valid for a one-way OR roundtrip flight departing from the US and arriving anywhere EXCEPT Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean.


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Interview Series: Lauren Kam of Oak + Fort

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