Quad Style: Maya Jain

Quad Style: Maya Jain

Meet Maya Jain, a second year Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS) major from San Francisco. Maya has been involved with many of UChicago's student led performances for the past two years, and just finished working on Circe as the set designer.  She is also the co-publicity manager for Iris, an upcoming theater troupe dedicated to uplifting the voices of people of color.

How would you describe your personal style? 

I like to dress in clothes that mix more traditionally masculine styles with traditionally feminine styles. I've been frustrated for a long time with feeling stuck on either end of the incredibly binary fashion standards and so I just like to wear a mix of everything. I think we miss out on a lot of really cool looks by gendering clothing anyway. 

What are you wearing? 

I'm wearing a t-shirt and pinstripe pants that I got from Uniqlo. The shirt is part of a Keith Harring collection that they have pretty regularly at Uniqlo. The rain boots are rocket dog boots from ModCloth. The jacket is from a store in San Francisco called Desigual. 

What is your go-to item in your closet? 

Definitely a flannel! They're probably by far my most worn item of clothing. 

What's you're favorite fashion trend? 

I really like denim or similar jackets to deck out in pins. I’m also really into colorful prints and patterns! 

Who is your fashion inspiration? 

I don’t think my style game is quite as high as the folks I’m about to name, but Janelle Monae and Esther Quek are two women whose style I really admire. Both of them were brought to my attention because they frequently wear really cool suits to formal events. They both look super sharp all the time but are also unapologetic about their presentation in a way that I aspire to be. 

What's the story behind your tattoo? 

I got this tattoo during a fundraiser the tattoo artist Julia Campione at Stained in Pain Tattoos was doing in which she donated all the proceeds of her tattoos to aid in Aleppo. The design is a maple seed, which I chose both because I thought it was cute and simple and because my favorite climbing tree at home is a japanese maple, so this is a nice reminder of that!


Photography by Apoorva Gundeti. 

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