Interview Series: Baggu

Interview Series: Baggu

Starting in 2007 Emily and Joan Sugihara, Baggu began and pride themselves on creating sustainable, high-quality reusable shopping bags. Since then, their collection has expanded into leather goods, travel accessories, and many more. All their designs feature minimal styles and continue their mission to create clean, reusable, high-quality products. 

With Chicago's new seven cents a plastic or paper bag initiative, now is the perfect time to build up your collection of Baggu bags. We got in touch with BAGGU and asked some key questions about their business and the mindset and mission behind their bags! 

Canvas Shopper in Mauve: Back in stock online!

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How you would describe Baggu's overall design aesthetic? Who is your ideal shopper? 

Minimalist but functional. Our customers believe that buying ethical should not come at the cost of great design. We make our bags great looking so that our customers want to use an earth friendly product.

What got you into the sustainable and reusable bag industry in general? 

For our very first product, we wanted to design something that was attractive, useful and affordable for carrying home groceries. The shape of our Standard BAGGU was inspired by the plastic bag, but bigger and with longer handles so you could carry it over your shoulder.

Boards from 2016. Remember these prints?

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What informs your design philosophy? Is there anything that inspires you in particular when conceptualizing the image of your store and products? 

We love clean and simple designs. During our design process, we continually streamline and keep only elements that are necessary. We also try to minimize waste by creating pouches and keychains from the scraps of our bigger bags.

Can you describe Baggu's mission statement in a sentence?

BAGGU makes simple bags, pouches and accessories that feel good to use.

A Sneaky Peak: A Special Edition 10 Year Anniversary BAGGU launches online tomorrow.

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What is a milestone for Baggu that you are particularly proud of?

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary this January!

What's next for Baggu? Is there anything you're looking forward to in particular?

More colors and patterns in our classics styles and some great new product categories launching later this year. Look out for stripes this summer!

Do you have any advice for young people interested in pursuing fashion, design, or retail as a career?

The industry moves quick and changes often, but having quality products and customer service will help you generate success.

Be sure to check out a  Baggu Store Front  in Brooklyn, Oakland, or San Francisco! 

Be sure to check out a Baggu Store Front in Brooklyn, Oakland, or San Francisco! 

All images via Baggu's Instagram or Website

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