Tea-ology 101

Tea-ology 101

Spring is finally here!  In the Windy City, seeing any bits of sun brightens our days after surviving the rainy, freezing, windy winter. With this joyful energy, spring is the perfect season to start feeling the lightness of summer. While treating yourselves with exciting plans around the city in the refreshing spring air, make sure to take care of your body a little better this quarter! Your skin and body have gone through a rough winter, and they are ready to be cleansed in order to mentally and physically get ready for summer! 

The easiest way to do this: Tea! Replacing your morning grande black coffee or your midnight double espresso shot from Ex Lib with tea would be a great way to start your easy detox program. Even if it contains some level of caffeine just like coffee, tea actually has so many more health benefits. Used for both flavor and healing purposes in the past, tea actually has the same level of power as coffee to wake you up in the morning or to help you pull up an all-nighter in Reg, while not damaging your body as bad as coffee does. Instead, drinking a cup of tea will put you in a more focused state of mind while relaxing you.

Here you can find different types of most commonly used types of tea and where you can find them on campus and in Chicago!


Being one of the most caffeinated varieties of tea, black tea has a very strong awakening effect. It is said that drinking black tea might be linked to lower cholesterol levels. The most popular black tea blends are Early Grey (which has a rich aroma of bergamot oil), English Breakfast (works really well with milk) and Masala Chai (has a spicier flavor). You can find all these types in most of the coffee shops on campus such as Ex Lib, Hallowed, Cobb. If you want to go for a fancier black tea experience, you can stop by Pavilion or Palm Court Chicago at the Drake Hotel.


Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. Studies show that drinking green tea can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. China green tea and jasmine tea have a more subtle flavor while matcha green tea is a more bitter kind. Plein Air and Sawada Coffee are perfect locations to spend the day while enjoying your desired version of green tea.


Definitely my favourite kind of them all, white tea is the healthiest option. The light and fresh flavor makes you feel so clean and immediately lowers down your stress levels. My on-campus favourites are Almond Blossom tea from Ex lib, Hallowed or Harper and Peach Blossom Tea from Dollop. 


Chamomile tea is made from the flowers of the chamomile plant so it is one of least-processed types of tea. You can find it in nearly every coffee shop on campus.

Lemon Ginger Tea

The lemon-ginger duo makes this type of the one of healthiest options. Drinking lemon ginger tea might be a great idea to enhance your immune system naturally. You can also find it in most of the coffee shops on campus.

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