MODA Blog Summer Favorites

MODA Blog Summer Favorites

In the summer, months are a little less grueling (hopefully but alas not always @everyinternshipever) but MODA is still loving oh so many great things. We've got a fresh list here of some of our blogger's favorite things - whether it be to beat the heat, save some memories, or try out a latest trend.


the handmaid's tale 

Both in print and on screen, this book/show has been a wild ride. I finished reading it in a couple of days, completely drawn in by the dystopian extension of backlash to modern female movements and the intense objectification and caste system created. While the Hulu show changes many things from the book, the addition of more drama and beautiful cinema is very captivating.  

speech bubbles 

The app "Bubble by Bazaart" is simultaneously one of the stupidest and well worth it drunken purchases I have ever made. I've become obsessed with adding these stupid little pixelized text bubbles to cover things or add sarcasm to the beloved insta feed. 

iced green tea

I've gotten back into the Starbucks binge phase and have discovered my favorite refreshing drink -@icedgreentea #unsweetened. Granted, I can easily do this myself at home for like pennies on the dollar but sometimes you just want a cup filled with ice and straw and zero fuss. 

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I cannot stop listening to Melodrama–it deserves all the hype it's been getting and more. Lorde's sophomore album is definitely a continuation of her signature synth heavy, electro-pop vibe, but distinctly more mature and reflective than her earlier work. You can listen to the full album on Spotify. Personal favorites include the songs "Supercut", "Sober" and "Homemade Dynamite."

tea tree oil

The Body Shop just had a massive sale (up to 75% in stores and online!!!), which was the perfect excuse for me to stock up on more products from their incredible Tea Tree Oil collection. The site runs sales all the time, but even without their extensive promotions, it's hard to beat The Body Shop's prices.


While I recognize that there are few things more cringe-inducing than uttering the word Frosé (which is essentially just frozen Rosé), it's become my new go-to summer drink. There are some fairly thorough recipes online on how to concoct the perfect glass of Frosé, but all you really have to do is freeze a bottle of Rosé for a couple of hours before tossing it in the blender. Serve with fruit or sweeteners of your choice.

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Feeds to Follow: @carolinedeisler

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