MODA Blog Favorites: September

MODA Blog Favorites: September

The school year is back and so is MODA's Monthly Favorites series (wahoo!)! Back after the summer of internships, networking, and (hopefully) relaxing/traveling, MODA Blog brings you a refreshing list of favorites from our bloggers and photographers to fill you with inspiration and energy for the next month. 


Byredo's Cotton Poplin Fragranced Candle


A trip to Barney's New York introduced me to my new obsession with candles. Byredo's fragranced candle line has a similar vibe to Maison Margiela's Replica, evoking nuanced memories through a unique olfactory experience. Cotton Poplin is a subtle clean linen scent that reminds me of Sunday morning laundry with a warm, homelike comfort.

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YSL Volupté Tint-in-Balm

The smooth and shiny application of this lipstick made it my everyday go-to in the past month. The pigmentation is light and the formula is moisturizing. The pricetag is a little up there for lipsticks, but it's definitely worth it. Link here.


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Gucci Envy Me

While this is an older fragrance line of Gucci's, it's definitely one of my favorites. The playful description for the perfume is that it's for girls who love attention. Guess who that is? ME. It's a very fruity and fun scent. It has pineapple and pomegranate scents as its base, but is warm enough to transition you from the summer to fall.

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Mavi Jeans

This classic Turkish label of jeans has been a staple for fashion forward Turks for decades. I decided to buy a new pair of ripped jeans while I was on vacation in Turkey, and they are incredible. Soft, sturdy, and flattering, these jeans are now my favorites to reach for. You can buy them online at, or at

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Glossier's Body Hero Duo

I bought this newest drop of Glossier's in their showroom in New York City, and I am in love. It smells subtly sweet, goes on smoothly, and truly moisturizes the skin. My favorite of the duo is the glow-inducing Body Lotion. Image via





Copper Eyeliner

As someone with brown eyes, I am eternally looking for ways to make my eyes look a little more distinctive. The easiest way to do this is with copper eyeliner, which can be applied to simply the bottom lid if you want a tiny pop of color, or to the entire lash line for some added drama. I love Colourpop's Get Paid Gel Liner and Nudestix' Eye Color in Burnish. Image via



DECIEM | The Abnormal Beauty Company

This favorite is number 3,188 on the list of items I have bought from a targeted Instagram ad (please let me know if you also fall for this trap, I need camaraderie, desperately). I've recently established a new school year resolution of actually caring for my skin and aside from adopting "sheet masks" as a "hobby," I've begun to dabble in the world of various oils and serums. Deciem (Canadian parent company) has numerous incredibly reasonably priced and beautifully packaged skin, hair, and grooming products. I've specifically been loving their Hyaluronic Acid and Serum Foundation from The Ordinary. 


Stuff Mom Never Told You

In the ever changing and blatantly frustrating political climate that we currently reside in, it is endlessly important to stay informed and this podcast brings light to the plight of women with humor and wit. Just prior to writing this very favorite, I finished listening to their two part episode series on Silicon Valley Sexism (1 & 2), focusing on how women in tech fields are leaving at an alarming rate. Whether or not you identify as a woman, this podcast has been my favorite for many months, and I can assure you I listen to many, many (many, many - read more of my favorites here) high quality podcasts. 



Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 6.28.23 PM.png

11:00 AM Classes

Quite the oddly specific favorite, oh boy, do I know! I have suffered the STEM scheduling fallacy of 8:30 am or 9:00 am classes, every morning, for the entirety of my college existence. With my newly sought after (though not yet formally declared - I have the form I promise!) Philosophy minor, I have finally experienced the joy of lackadaisical mornings - complete with plenty of avocado toast and home brewed kombucha to accompany last minute readings for the aforementioned 11:00 am class.










Think Shazaam but for art.  Scan any artwork (paintings, sculptures, etc.) with your phone camera and Smartify scours its extensive (and constantly updated) database for the precise match, giving you information about the piece's title, artist, history and more. The app has already been incorporated into a handful of top tier museums around the world, so it's art snob approved. Read more about it here.


Boy Smells

I love the cheeky packaging of Boy Smells candles, which nail the millennial pink craze with their sleek, minimalist candle designs, A+ packaging and musky scents. I discovered the brand at one of my favorite Wicker Park shops, Una Mae's, but you can also shop their candle collection online.


Jorja Smith

I'm definitely late to the game, but I can't get enough of Jorja Smith's soulful roster of songs. Personal favorites include "Carry Me Home," "Beautiful Little Fools" and "Where Did I Go?," although her soulful voice also makes a cameo on Drake's "Get It Together" and Kali Uchis' "Tyrant" which are both worthy of listening to on repeat over and over and over again!!

What have you been loving this month and over the summer? MODA Blog wants to know (our bloggers and readers are always seeking new inspiration and cool things to try out!). 

Featured image via Kathryn Hicks. 

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