Please Come Back to Chicago, Glossier!

Please Come Back to Chicago, Glossier!

This past fall I was entering a new chapter in my life: college. However, on the plane ride over, my giddy butterfly feelings were not about the start of a new chapter in my life or leaving home, but rather that I would now be near a physical Glossier establishment…in 3D and not online!

The Glossier Chicago popup. Image  via .

The Glossier Chicago popup. Image via.

For almost all of high school I rejected the idea of makeup, living in Florida, the idea of having makeup melt off my face the moment I stepped outside was not the move. I loved being able to walk out of the house with just SPF and my lip balm. Fast forward to seven months later and Glossier has revolutionized my life.

On one of those online retail therapy adventures that we all fall prey to, I happened to stumble upon Glossier’s simplistic, pink and bubbly website. After seemingly endless internal deliberation, I decided to go with the Phase 2 Set, which includes their bestselling Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and my personal favorite, their Generation G lipstick.

Since then, in a matter of a few months, my make up collection went from zilch to over ten items. I fell in love with and literally religiously stalked all of Glossier’s social media accounts, watched all related YouTube content, and dreamed about potentially being able to visit their showroom myself one day. So when I got the notification that Glossier would be opening a pop-up in Chicago, I literally left my second period class to book my tickets to Chicago early. Talk about brand loyalty!

Image  via .

Image via.

As you can tell, I seriously hyped myself up for Glossier, and the moment I stepped foot in their temporary Chicago storefront, my already extremely high expectations were exceeded. Two beautiful women in pink jumpsuits with perfect glowing skin greeted me under a massive Glossier sign. And as soon as I walked inside I felt like a kid in a candy store, touching everything in sight, putting on every ounce of product I could. I did maybe ten Cloud Paint swatches… I was in paradise!

The pop-up almost seemed like museum according to its setup, with products displayed on cases and pedestals scattered throughout the space and framed product posters and Glossier-themed artwork adorning the walls. There were also tons of helpful associates on hand to give me the best advice on each product before taking my order.

Glossier Chicago was amazing while it lasted. My dream had come true, and spending over $100 on beauty products has never felt so good. While Glossier has not officially announced anything, I hope they will open up a permanent location at least in the four years that I am here. Keep your fingers crossed!

In the mean time, use this code for 10% off your first online order! Happy shopping :)

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