Here's Your Winter 2018 Trend Forecast

Here's Your Winter 2018 Trend Forecast

As the leaves change from auburn to brown and yellow before finally bidding farewell to the barren trees, prepare to transition from that beloved autumn wardrobe to winter’s staples. It’s time to bring out this coming season’s undisputed color kings–black, grey and white–which year after year constitute the backbones of our winter closet.

At the same time be prepared to face and embrace some fresh trends brought to us from near and afar–these sartorial movers and shakers will most definitely be shaping your purchases and style choices for the upcoming months. Much like the seasons, fashion trends are cyclical. As they say, what goes around comes back around, so don’t be scared to pull out some pieces from previous years as they make their return stronger than ever!

Layer your turtlenecks

Timeless, like the long after dark hours of winter. Business meeting, formal event, family dinner, night-out with friends… Whatever the occasion, this combination will undoubtedly have you feeling put-together. By substituting the neutral tones with a burgundy or royal purple turtleneck, you are both doing the lower temperatures justice and adding a chic and youthful twist to your otherwise conservative attire. If a blazer seems excessive for the occasion, feel free to combine a turtleneck under a dress or jumper.


Over-the-knee boots to compliment shorter hemlines

Over-the-knee boots in muted neutral shades have been in style for multiple seasons now and are most definitely a worthy investment. They can be combined with leggings, skinny jeans or oversized trousers for added warmth. Alternatively, pair with tights under skirts and dresses of all lengths–colder weather doesn’t mean you have to forgo looking cute!

Parkas and raincoats over jackets

From over-sized to eccentric cuts and light materials, this is an essentially layered look for winter months, à la Yamamoto and Balenciaga. These will shelter you from rain and wind and wrap you under an extra layer. Combined with brighter-colored sneakers they will definitely place you at the top of your fashion game.


Giant puffer jackets

Comfort wear and volume continue to rule over winter’s low temperatures. Following the faux fur movement, coat giant Moncler has recently launched a new line of coats that lighter than ever yet just as warm, waterproof and puffy, and of course, sans animal products (if you’re curious about this new project, feel free to read more here). Many ready-to-wear coat makers are starting to follow suit, prepping for the coming season’s surge in demand. So jump on the massive puffer coat bandwagon before it’s too cold!

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Quad Style: Stacy Wang

Quad Style: Stacy Wang

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