A Roundup of the Weirdest Products I've Seen on Instagram

A Roundup of the Weirdest Products I've Seen on Instagram

Welcome to the Instagram era. There, I said it. Instagram has completely taken over the social media world. Once a place just to share pictures with your friends, Instagram has evolved into so much more. It’s a place where users can follow and interact with their favorite celebrities, find news, slide into DMs, and even online shop.

The platform has seen huge growth in the past few years and now a large part of any company's success can be attributed to their online presence. We’ve all seen those Instagram ads while scrolling through our feed trying to sell us ‘skinny tea’ or whatever fad is going on at the time. Instagram branding allows companies to target a certain demographic and hopefully increase their sales as well as brand awareness.

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But why do these ads reel us in? Could it be the perfectly placed products on the most aesthetically pleasing marble background or the fact that Kylie Jenner is telling us to buy it? Probably both. Yet, the most ridiculous products somehow still catch my attention enough for me to stop, look at the product, click the ‘Shop Now’ button, and scroll through the website. So what are some of these absolutely absurd products I’ve dedicated real time of my life to? Here are just a few that popped up on my feed today:


1) This website is like the mom trying to fit in with her teenage daughter’s friend group; it’s trying way too hard to be hip. When the homepage pops up there’s an invitation to “join the anese #skinsquad,” of which I will respectfully be declining. Then come the names of the actual products: That Booty tho, Have you seen my underwear?, and Down with the thickness are just a few pieces of the Booty Mask collection. Now call me crazy but something tells me this isn’t really a necessary purchase. Yes, the packaging is fun and the website makes me want one of everything but I really don’t think there is anyone who NEEDS a booty mask or caffeinated booty oil.


2) Asarai: “Naturopath” and “Hyperbae” are the two words Asarai has used to describe their product. What that actually means, I’m not sure. But according to their website, their products “re-balance your self-care and lifestyle, inspiring you to recharge with the natural world.” Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a large claim for a clay face mask. Super fun packaging, but I’m going to pass on this “uber natural” lotion.


3) Memo Bottle: For this product all I really have to say is, they never asked if they should, only if they could. thank u, next.


4) One Ocean Beauty: This brand boasts Marine Collagen and Replenishing Deep Sea Moisturizer in their repertoire. Not sure what the science is behind that but I’m not really sold on the idea of Ocean Collagen. Now that being said, this ad is possibly the most good looking thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not joking; metallic pill capsules, the most pleasing ocean background, yet overall still refined and minimalist… You almost had me One Ocean Beauty, but I’m better than that (you can’t trick me, not this time)!

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Feeds to Follow: @RavveBeauty

Feeds to Follow: @RavveBeauty

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