The Best Places to Shop for Shorter Girls

The Best Places to Shop for Shorter Girls

Being 4'11", I can't tell you how many times I've struggled with finding clothing that fit well straight off of the rack. There's always a part that's too long, too loose, or just unflattering in general. However, the market for petites has grown immensely in the past few years and shows no sign of stopping. Here's a rundown of my favorite places to pick up petite-friendly clothes!


Topshop easily has the best jeans and pants for shorter girls. They usually fit me off the rack and aren't too loose at the waist. They also have a wide range of trendy clothing for any kind of look, whether you're looking for something casual, sporty, or edgy.

Petite Studio

Based in NYC, Petite Studio says their main goal is "to invest time and care into building the first fashion line exclusively for petites." Their clothing is tailored for girls 5'4" and under, and their style can be described as being refined and modern. 


J.Crew is easily my favorite place to pick up business clothing; their blazers and skirts fit very well and are great quality. J. Crew also has lots of basics and other more stylish and sophisticated pieces, and the constant sales make it one of my favorite places to shop from.

American Apparel

While American Apparel doesn't have a designated petite line, their sizes run small and many pieces work well for shorter gals. I've been particularly successful in finding skirts, shorts, and tops here, and the combination of their clothing's good quality and classic styles makes American Apparel one of my favorite stores to shop from.

Reformation's Wilder dress; image  via .

Reformation's Wilder dress; image via.


Reformation is known for their sustainable manufacturing methods and cute, summery dresses. Their "Don't Call me Cute" collection offers many of their beloved regular-sized pieces in sizes fit for girls 5'2" and under. Their pieces are perfect for girls who like the effortlessly cute look.


ASOS has an extensive petite line, and even though you can't try their pieces on before purchasing, they offer free returns. There's something for everyone at ASOS, whether you're trying to find an outfit for a job interview or a night out. 

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