Beauty YouTubers to Check Out

Beauty YouTubers to Check Out

Ah the perfect world of makeup tutorial videos, where life is peachy and the lighting is always good. You can practically breathe in the aloe and rosewater scents wafting from the screen. These videos are perfect for getting ready to or winding down after a long day, when I feel like glimpsing into somebody else’s polished daily routine. Here are my go-to beauty YouTubers, each skilled in their trade and representative of a distinctive style.

Maddie Ziegler

Age: 15

Location: Murrysville, PA/Los Angeles, CA

Style: Cali-casual, sporty

Subscriber Count: 2,417,954

Maddie intermixes more affordable, cult-favorite products like the Benefit 24-hour Brow Setter and Mario Badescu rosewater spray with higher-end products, like the La Mer moisturizing soft cream and Chanel bronzer. In her videos, she sometimes shares advice from her dermatologist Christie Kidd (such as avoiding tinted moisturizer for clearer skin!). She uses concealer and powder instead of foundation, and her makeup is natural and minimalistic, which I love. Link to her YouTube channel here.

Amanda Steele

Age: 18

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Style: edgy, sophisticated glam

Subscriber Count: 2,809,295

Amanda’s makeup looks lean towards the heavy side, with lots of contouring and foundation. If you're one for more daring looks, definitely refer to her tutorials, as she's always experimenting with different hair colors and upping the ante of her makeup looks. Link to her YouTube channel here.

Jenn Im

Age: 27

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Style: chic, boho, Korean fashion

Subscriber Count: 2,169,425

Jenn was the vlogger who first got me into YouTube beauty tutorials, when I was just learning how to apply makeup. She's so cheerful and energetic, and occasionally I just leave her videos on in the background when folding laundry or doing busywork. I like watching her “empties” videos, where she takes empty product bottles from a prop trash can and gives reviews. In her "monthly favorites" videos, Jenn compiles makeup, diet tips, song recommendations, etc. She also travels a lot and documents the trips in her vlogs. Link to her YouTube channel here.

Extra tip: This is old news, but never let your guard down against new beauty products, be it makeup or skincare. Be cautious about trying new products on your face. Almost every dermatologist recommends products that are labeled “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” to treat acne-prone or sensitive skin. That includes anything from face-wash, face creams, and makeup. For oily skin, opt for serums or light gels instead of lotion and cream. Always wash your face with a good cleanser at least twice daily, and preferably once more at noon on hot days. Avoid fast-acting products, such as those containing steroids or chemical brightening/whitening agents. Also, you can research natural and organic remedies, such as aloe or cucumber slices. In the crazy world of skincare products, less really does mean more.

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