Quad Style: Abby Benn

Quad Style: Abby Benn

Meet Abby Benn, a third year from Los Angeles majoring in Psychology and English Language & Literature. She is the Events Coordinator of MODA and has been a member of the MODA Board since her first year. She is also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. 

To start off, what are you wearing? 

In my first outfit, I'm wearing a Topshop jacket, Madewell shirt, Lou & Grey pants, Hansel from Basel x Madewell socks, and Puma sneakers. In my second outfit, I'm wearing a Basquiat x Alice + Olivia dress, Hue tights, and Zara boots.

abby benn 3.jpg

Where do you find style inspiration? 

Uncreative answer: Instagram. There’s so much out there it’s crazy. Currently some of my favorite follows are @hannahbaxward, @julianasalazar, @babba.c, @aemeliafay, and @halemur. I like that most of these girls don’t look like supermodels (aka their fashion is somewhat doable/relatable), but they still work in and around the industry.

My aesthetic generally lines up with the more low-key fashion of Man Repeller and Into the Gloss (as opposed to, say, Vogue), so I read those regularly in addition to keeping up with Who What Wear, goop (trust me I know what you’re thinking but love GP), The Cut, and Coveteur.

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Where do you like to shop?

Good question: I’m kind of all over the place. I like thrifting on occasion; my favorite shop is the Wasteland on Melrose in LA (where I’m from). It’s definitely thrifting in a loose sense of the word because the cheapest thing is probably still over $20, but I always find something amazing and the dressing room attendant guy is really hot (which is a definite plus).

That being said, I buy most things online. I like Need Supply Co., Pixie Market, Zara, and Net-a-Porter. I also have a lot of sweaters from J. Crew and Madewell (I worked at a Madewell two summers ago) and steal a bunch from my younger sister.

What is your relationship to fashion? Has it changed over time?

My relationship to fashion has changed so much over the years. I think I wore a school logo sweatshirt and black leggings every single day in high school (honestly no regrets—that was a comfy vibe) and before that, I had a uniform. Even now, when I attempt to get dressed I constantly feel like I have no clue what I am doing. Usually I look back on photos and think whatever I had on looks silly or amateurish or like I’m trying too hard.

But I think getting dressed is fun and so I am going to continue putting together clothing on my body and will give an update when/if I ever get it right. Joining MODA has also encouraged me to keep playing around with outfits and such.

abby benn 2.jpg

Whose closet would you raid and why? 

A realistic answer would be my younger sister’s, because when we’re together I do raid her closet constantly. In fact, the dress I have on in these pictures is hers (whoops).  To be fair, she also raids mine so it evens out over time, I think.

What is your go-to outfit?

My go-to hangover outfit (sorry, Mom) is a slip dress: they’re loose and comfortable, yet look like you tried. I’ve been complimented before while feeling like death. It’s a weird thing to have a go-to for, but oh well. (I will also recommend trying an activated charcoal shot to cure a hangover, but that’s my inner goop-persona talking, so do with that what you will.)

And towards the end of the quarter, I will wear graphic tees, jeans, and sneakers on a regular basis.

abby benn 7.jpg
“Now I think I’ve learned how to have a bit more fun with what I wear. I worry a lot less about what others will think of how I appear and try to focus more on my own personal enjoyment from the clothes.”

Do you have a favorite store? 

I basically have to say Madewell, since I worked there two summers ago. So, let me just tell you that the staff at any Madewell store is amazing and they know so much about all the products and can really make your shopping experience superb. But in all honesty I really do like their stores—they are small, manageable, and everyone is also friendly.

Madewell is also the queen of collabs: I feel like they are constantly partnering with the newest cult brand (re: Monogram, Supergoop!, Milk Bar, Hansel from Basel). AND big news—they just started carrying some men’s styles.

abby benn 6.jpg

What is your favorite current trend?

My thing with trends is that often the ones I start out loving I become tired of quickly and then the ones I’m initially against I learn to love.

That being said, I really like that lilac is everywhere (for example, Staud’s fall collection is perfection) and I liked all the midi skirts and dresses that were around over the summer.

And lastly, most important part of any look?

Fully realize this is a cliché answer, but: The person wearing it. Honestly I really do think confidence is everything because you can copy outfits you see on celebs, but if you don’t have the confidence to rock it then you won’t. A lot of fashion looks ridiculous by itself so it’s all about selling it.

But disclaimer: I am for sure not saying that I always pull off every look I try (because I 100% don’t)—confidence is just something I strive for, so I think people who have it look good.

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All images courtesy of Natalia Rodriguez

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