Your 2019 Swim Trend Forecast

Your 2019 Swim Trend Forecast

As we transition into Spring, here is a look at some of the top swim trends from Miami’s Swim Week, just in time for sunbathing on Promontory Point and gearing up for Summer break (which can’t come soon enough!).

The Strappy Suit

We’re definitely seeing a focus on strappier, more playful bikinis. It’s all about being carefree, loose and comfy while still maintaining the sexiness of minimal cuts. Accessorize with a straw hat or a super cute pair of sunglasses for a classic all-American look, or layer up body chains, lace sweaters and maxi-skirts for a bohemian take on the trend.


The Bandeau

If straps aren’t your deal, I definitely recommend a bandeau for Spring or Summer break. There’s something quite sporty about bandeaus, with an unmistakeable sex appeal that comes along with their subtlety. Thicker bands can double as a tube top under bombers and leggings, while thinner bands can be layered under sporty dresses for an athleisure vibe. All that matters is that you find the one that fits you perfectly! What good is a stylish swimsuit without high quality comfort as well?


The Neon Flashback

Swimwear is having a total Baywatch moment right now and I am LOVING it! Easy vintage cuts in bright neon colors channel the excitement and buzz of the 80s and 90s with everyday accessories like white sneakers and scrunchies to keep with the vibe of youthfulness and mobility. I definitely think easy camisoles and bright colors lend themselves to more neutral outerwear pieces: denim jackets, distressed shorts and a cute dad cap and you’ll be a total bae to watch.


High-waisted Bottoms

We can’t escape the Taylor Swift American sweetheart Summer vibe, so we might as well embrace it. For the look of extra long legs, the high-waisted bottom is the way to go. Particularly if you want to highlight the smallest part of your body, a high-waist is certainly going to be your best friend. With a high-waisted bottom, you could probably try a sweeter look with an off the shoulder ruffle top or a more sporty look with a logo-bikini top. Honestly you can’t really go wrong!


Revamping the One-Piece

A swim staple honestly. A classic one-piece will take you far. Nowadays there are so many fun cutouts and fabrics that really take the one-piece to a whole different level. There’s something so nostalgic about this classic silhouette. I definitely think you should take advantage of the swimsuit as bodysuit trend we’ve been seeing and go straight from beach to bar by just layering jeans, jackets and accessories over your one-piece. The one-piece can be a perfectly practical and playful option for the girl with places to go.


Animal Print

Animal print bikinis are always a sexy choice for spring break, particularly since we’ve been seeing more and more animal print down the ready-to-wear runways this season. I think you can do a lot with animal print, but I find that it’s really fun to layer on tougher pieces. Hardware, leather and dark-wash denim make the look super sexy and mysterious. It’s a great way to take a look from day to night super quickly.

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Quad Style: Andrew Chang

Quad Style: Andrew Chang

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