Shades That Will Slay the Spring Break Sun

Shades That Will Slay the Spring Break Sun

We all love feeling like a million dollars, and in preparation to outshine the upcoming spring and summer rays (or shield our eyes from the glare of paparazzi camera flash!), here are the latest movers and shakers on the market today–with a price tag to suit every budget. 

Over $100

Roberi and Fraud

 The Kardashians, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Rihanna… Roberi and Fraud sits at the top of Hollywood’s must list when it comes to sunglasses. In just under two years, the brand has amassed great success with its styles, which add modern twists to classic vintage frames.   

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Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster exhibits its products like museum pieces in "an immersive and experiential offline shopping experience." The Korean-born brand has also experienced a breakthrough in the upcoming trends market, showing up at NYFW on the faces of numerous celebrities. The brand is known for their comfortable, light frames and lens colors. Gentle Monster is not afraid to experiment with eclectic designs alongside their clean staples. They also have an entire optical eyewear collection if you’re on the market for a new pair of glasses!

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Smoke x Mirrors

“Luxury is anything you don’t need, but you convince yourself you do. What makes luxury worthwhile is soul. We believe objects can have soul, and soul in luxury is not a matter of cost—it is a matter of shared love and passion between artisan and consumer” says David Shabtai, one of the two founding brothers of Smoke x Mirrors (Forbes). Their sunglasses will definitely make you feel like an art piece, so why not treat yourself?


Under $100

Le Specs

With nine collections to choose from, you won’t be disappointed by the sea of options Le Spec provides. A pair for every style, mood, personality and occasion, shop their collection for budget-friendly options.

le specs.png

Chilli Bean

Solid frames made to seize the day. Take a look at their website, which is full of interesting content about the brand and its philosophy. Much like, Gentle Monster, they provide an innovative online store experience (find out more here).

Crap Eyewear

“Don't worry, be Crappy. Born in reaction to an overpriced and overly serious sunglass market, we’re on a mission to create funky, premium quality eyewear without the heavy retail mark-up” notes the LA based sunnies brand. Their range of options is something to behold, so take a break from studying to peruse their options.

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