2019 Designer Profiles: Anita Obasohan

2019 Designer Profiles: Anita Obasohan

Every year, the MODA Fashion Show wraps up winter quarter with the perfect homage to student talent, hard work and creativity. In anticipation of the show, we have been interviewing some of the designers involved in this year’s show. For this feature we’re focusing on Anita Obasohan, a 4th year Econ major and Visual Arts minor.

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Meet Anita

Anita is a 4th year Econ major and Visual Arts minor. This is her third year designing for the show!

What are some sources of inspiration for your collection?  

Honestly, last year I made a coat and I really enjoyed the process of making that! So this year I wanted to play around with coats, layering and adding a bit more depth to my looks now that I’m a little more comfortable in my sewing abilities.

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Have you ever done fashion design work before? What are some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of the process? 

This is my third time designing for the show, which is crazy to say! I think the most challenging part is starting, just because there are so many visions or paths you could go down and narrowing that down to 3-4 looks can be pretty challenging. The most rewarding aspect is seeing your vision come to life on your models and on the runway–you pat yourself on the back and you’re like “I made that, that’s pretty dope!” 

What are you looking forward to most about the show?   

Seeing other designers’ looks! I think the dress rehearsal is honestly one of my favorite parts of the show because it’s the first time you really see your collection together and also the first time you see all the other designers looks in the same place. I’m always really impressed with designers’ creativity and execution considering no one here is really professionally trained and we’re all just making clothes because of genuine passion and interest.

If you could give yourself any advice on the design process, what would you say to your younger self? 

Don’t over think it. Honestly the ideas you start out with aren’t always how it turns out in the end–and that can be a great thing!  

Featured image and all post images courtesy of Anita Obasohan.

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