Live Reactions to the GoT Season 8 Premiere

Live Reactions to the GoT Season 8 Premiere

Caution: If you somehow stumbled in here and yet don’t want to be spoiled, you should probably leave!

Hey Throners (I just made that up, you love it? right?), Season 8 is finally here after two years, and my desire to see more of Daenerys and Cersei’s wardrobes will finally be satisfied. I guess the plot is important too though.

Regardless, for your post-viewing pleasure, I recorded my live thoughts/thots on the final season’s premiere. Did you ask for this? No. Will you love it? Who’s to say. Will you continue reading? Absolutely. Let the games begin:

0:00, They redid the intro, everything is so SMOOTH

0:045, Damn the Iron Throne looks good I’ve missed you

2:38, So many Unsullied, sad they will all die

2:50, Daenerys absolutely did wear THAT white fur coat to match her horse, talk about accessorizing

4:20, The entire clique rolled up to Winterfell. Wow we see you, Greyworm and Missandei <3

4:50, Only 2 dragons :,(

5:49, Stressed Kit Harrington is still hot

6:10, Jon/Bran reunion is underwhelming, go find Arya now

6:45, Daenerys/Sansa meeting is TENSE

8:03, Lyanna Mormont serving condescension like the fierce qween she is

9:26, Tyrion is once again the only rational man in this show, if he dies so will I

10:13, “What do dragons eat” -Sansa “Whatever they want” - Daenerys. This exchange has me QUAKING in my boots for Sansa. Don’t get yourself eaten sweetie ;)

11:25, Sansa/Tyrion reunion is cute and sweet and I love this pairing please more this season

12:49, Never mind Sansa is COLD

13:21, Arya/Jon reunion is so tender wow I need these Starks to not die

14:46, I thought women were supporting women this year damn I guess feminism is dead

15:28, Cersei spins a look every scene ugh I missed her

16:18, Queer icon Yara should NOT be tied up unless she’s into that and it’s clear she doesn’t like this untie her please

17:34, This fire room is ~ lit ~ and almost as hot as Euron is for Cersei

19:04, “You want a queen, earn her” - Cersei. Yes honey

20:35, Ok this is a full-on sex scene all of a sudden Bronn get it together

22:32, If Bronn actually kills Jaime or Tyrion this is will be the worst storyline

22:58, Ok so Euron and Cersei had sex, go off I guess. Also, Cersei whispering “I wanted those elephants” was an ENTIRE mood and a half and really resonated with me, not sure why

23:44, This is EVIL FLIRTING please stop and also never stop

24:20, “I’m gonna put a prince in your belly” thank god this scene is over oh my god

25:00, Yes Theon save your sister family is everything

29:54, The dragons aren’t eating and I’m stressed about their internal gut health

30:31, Jon, she is literally asking you to mount the dragon just get on

32:22, This dragon riding scene is amazing and I’m sure it cost 4 million dollars

34:00, The dragon is really out here trying to cock-block Jon just let the man get it

35:32, Are Arya and Gendry… Flirting? About daggers? Why is everybody so horny?

37:40, Jon and Sansa stop fighting I don’t like this energy

38:50, YES SAM I MISSED YOU, that smile, we needed that

40:00 Throwback to when Daenerys killed Sam’s entire family YIKES. Sam please stop crying I’m so uncomfortable

42:10, Is Sam gonna tell Jon.. he is in love with… his aunt?

43:45, Sam you could have had 30 conversations with Jon and you chose to ask him if he would have killed your family too? Was that the most productive option?

44:40, Jon learning his parents were Raeghar and Lyanna has been such a long time coming I’m finally satiated

45:57, Umm ok Olberic and Tormond about to walk into a literal pack of Whitewalkers. I’m assuming one or both will die and honestly thats really shitty of GoT to do that to me

49:26, Whitewalker kid screaming was so scary that was terrible. Also amazing… body part design I guess? that bone circle must have taken a lot of work. Nobody relevant died, my heart is safe

51:02, Jaime gets hotter every season

51:20, Jaime seeing Bran after crippling him 7 seasons ago was a huge throwback I’m shook

52:00, It’s done? Already? I want so much more please take me to next Sunday

And that’s all for this week folks. Did you like this? It doesn’t really matter you probably only get this once so I guess re-read this every week for the rest of the season and pretend it is new content. Let us all pray Jon and Daenerys will live happily ever after with their dragons (and baby maybe? She might be pregnant after last season just saying…) Until next time (?) Throners.

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