The James Charles Tea EXPLAINED

The James Charles Tea EXPLAINED

While this may seem like old news and pretty much everyone’s apologized to James, let’s break down how this whole mess started.

Tati’s “Bye Sister” Video That Started it All…

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This is the video that started ALL the tea. The now deleted “exposé” included Tati Westbrook DRAGGING James Charles. She said that James Charles was a terrible friend since he endorsed a competitor company that sold supplements. This was something Tati took personally, because she said that James would never endorse her own supplements, and she was nothing but a loving mentor to him. She mentioned that she was with him through everything, and was a mother figure to him, yet he would barely put her on his channel or show any public support towards her. Tati also thought it was acceptable to throw in his weird obsession with straight boys, which was an accusation that caused the whole internet to blow up.

These are texts between Nikita Dragun and James Charles regarding him agreeing to post an ad for the competitor’s supplement company. This was used as evidence to counter Tati’s belief that the whole situation was premeditated, and that James knew ahead of time that he would be helping this brand rather than the last minute situation he claimed it was.

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However, the main cause for this drama blowing up was the claim that James is a predator towards straight men.

People were coming out with videos supporting this accusation. One was a bicurious waiter who accused James of making him uncomfortable, the other being a bicurious boy James was talking to online for months and whom he flew out to attend Coachella with.

In the gallery above, you can see a couple of the celebrities who agreed that James Charles was making “evidently” straight men uncomfortable with DMs and comments on social media.

Here is a Buzzfeed article that lists all the celebrities that unfollowed him on social media after the outbreak of the scandal.

All of this drama has simmered down after James decided to end the accusations once and for all, causing everyone to go into actual shock. Tati deleted both of the videos she made about him, and many people have spoke up and apologized for feeding into the rumors.

Both videos have been linked but basically once you watch these you will probably be VERY confused!!!!!! I’ve come to the conclusion that James Charles has - in the past - made some straight/bicurious people uncomfortable in some ways. But there really isn’t too much hard evidence to back up that he’s a legitimate predator. A lot has been said and done, but at the end of the day, let’s not forget that people love drama - and it’s very easy to hop on the excitement of the “cancelled” culture bandwagon. :(

Enjoy the memes below that show just how impactful this moment was for the entire internet!!!

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Quad Style: Richard Wu

Quad Style: Richard Wu

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