4 New Artists to Add to your Summer Playlist Immediately

4 New Artists to Add to your Summer Playlist Immediately

Pop music. The great equalizer. You can say you don’t love it, but secretly everybody can bop to a Britany Spears throwback or a Beyonce banger. With the summer fast approaching, here are four artists you might not know about to round out your summer playlist.



Serving a progressive electro-pop sound reminiscent of Charlie XCX’s “Vroom Vroom” days, Slayyyter with three “Ys” is about to HOLD DOWN your summer playlist all season long. Some of these songs are great to dance to, but there is definitely a diversity in her relatively short discography to keep you coming back for more

Iconic Banger: Mine

Secret Fave: BFF

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Dorian Electra

This gender-neutral pop singer has been around for a few years, but some of their best songs have been released in the past couple of months. Dealing with subjects of identity and having a good time in your skin, Dorian Electra has an upbeat pop sound incorporating some more traditional musical elements. For sure give them a listen

Iconic Banger: Man to Man

Secret Fave: Flamboyant

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Miya Folick

Slightly toned down relative to the first two on this list, Miya Folick is an LA based artist making breezy, emotional music that still has a groove to it. Her 2018 album Premonitions has everything from dance-pop to moody ballads, and her new single “Malibu Barbie” is perfect for the summer. Time to stat streaming her ASAP.

Iconic Banger: Malibu Barbie

Secret Fave: Cost Your Love

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Tommy Genesis

Saving the best for last, Canadian dreamgirl Tommy Genesis is going to rap her way right into your heart this summer. Her self titled album Tommy Genesis has only good songs with creative backtracks and strong attitude. Her sex-postive and pop-influenced brand of Hip Hop is phenomenal, and absolutely worth your time.

Iconic Banger: Tommy

Secret Fave: Play With It

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And that’s a wrap on the list! Haven’t heard of these artists? Hope you learned something new. Know all of them already? I’m sorry I tried my best.

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