Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: MJ x Fabiana's Bakery

Favorite On Campus Coffee Spots: MJ x Fabiana's Bakery

Regardless of whether you've been at UChicago for two and half quarters or are wrapping up your fourth year at the College, you've undoubtedly spent at least some portion of your time here frequenting your favorite on campus coffee shop.

Whether you gravitate towards these places for a quick shot of caffeine, a study break between classes or to meet up with friends, we've decided to feature MODA bloggers as a part of the Blog's ongoing On Campus Coffee Spots series to discover the intersections between campus culture, fashion and of course, caffeine! Keep scrolling for our unique profile on MJ Chen, a third year Economics major.

What kinds of RSOs and activities are you involved in on campus? 

The Chicago Maroon, UChicago LGBT Business Alliance

Why is Fabiana's Bakery your favorite cafe on campus?

Big fan of the cakes (which change every) day—I've a huge sweet tooth, and the desserts at Fabiana's are divine. Sometimes an anemic Ex Lib doughnut just won't cut it, y'know?

How often do you come here?

When I deserve it.

What is the best type of activity to do here?

I come here to eat cake and drink coffee. By myself. It's a cathartic process, like confession.

What’s your go-to drink?

Americano, lukewarm. Hot drinks burn my mouth and cold drinks are bad for chi (says Grandma Chen, anyway). You’ve got to get the water to room temperature before pouring in espresso. Espresso last or risk dispersing the crema.

Best item on the menu?

Cakes. I’m sitting on them. They’re off-menu.

What are you wearing?

A sweatshirt from Kenzo’s 2013 collab with Toilet Paper magazine. Very “Big Brother is Watching You,” I should think. Jeans from Naked and Famous, a Canadian denim company that sources its materials from Japan. Snatched this Athena ring from Samara—no friendship without theft. Love you!

How would you describe your personal style?

“Will this pay the rent?”

All images via Olivia Jia

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