Beauty Hacks for the MODA Show

Beauty Hacks for the MODA Show

At the MODA Show and have a beauty emergency? Have no fear, because we're here to share with you some our favorite tips and tricks to keep you looking fresh and bright on the big day. Also, make sure to check out these pre-show ways to pamper yourself both at home and out!

1. Your night is going great, and you decide to stop by the restroom to freshen up. But what looks straight back you terrifies you! Your makeup has smeared leaving you with Panda eyes. Our quick fix is to carry some of these eye makeup corrector and removers around with you in your purse.


All you need to do is snap the tip to let the makeup remover flow into the tip. What we love is that since they are in q-tip form rather than a cloth, you can precisely attack those smudges.

2. One thing I always struggle with is deciding what makeup I want to bring with me, and usually blush is the thing I leave out. But with a tint, you can have the best of both lip and cheek worlds. Also, don't worry about the colors being a carbon copy of each other. Since the bases that you're applying the makeup is different, the color will be distinct, yet similar enough to look put together.


3. Another product that has dual-use is powder! It's an unexpected choice because it can get a bit clumpy, but it definitely has its benefits. Something you can use it for is to help keep your face from being oily. Also, if your hair is starting to look greasy, gently tap some powder in your hair to keep it looking fresh! Just make sure  that you don't have any remaining residue left.


4. If you go out to eat and for some reason, your food somehow never reaches your stomach but always ends up on your clothes. Tide to go mini will be your best friend to prevent food stains! Dab the product onto the stain and watch it disappear.


5. If you decide to wear heels the entire night and don't decide to bring a change of shoes, carrying around some band-aids will save you from pain then and later. But there's no reason to be boring with them as well! Band-aids nowadays come in all shapes and designs, so if you want to make fun of your pain, go for it.


We hope that these tricks will help you when you're at the MODA show!

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