DJ Farsight x House of MODA

DJ Farsight x House of MODA

MODA sat down with DJ Farsight (aka Marshall Smith) to talk about his upcoming performance at House of MODA Spring Fashion Show this Friday. We discussed the origins of his DJ name and the future of fashion x music (answer: Crocs).

Check out his mix below and look forward to his set on Friday at the show! 

MODA: What is the significance behind your DJ name?

Farsight: I think "Farsight" was a spell from some video game-- I picked the name several years ago on a whim because I had been driving myself crazy trying to come up with the perfect artist name. I finally just gave in and chose "Farsight" because the phrase had been floating around in my head and it seemed nobody else had claimed it. In retrospect I think it worked out pretty well, I like to think my taste is forward-thinking, so it kind of parallels the name.

MODA: Where does your inspiration come from?

Farsight: Where doesn't it come from! Just everyday experiences, really. A few things that come to mind: caffeine, other artists, and city-scapes.

Like many producers, I'm constantly thinking of rhythms or ideas for tracks in my head. Whenever something seems particularly good, I try to break out my laptop and get it down before the moment is gone. I end up abandoning a lot of tracks because they've lost their spark in the time it takes me to flesh them out.

MODA: Any favorite DJs/ artists we should be aware of?

Farsight: Ever hear of Tiesto?? Just kidding.

If you had asked me this question a couple of years ago, my answer would have probably been a list of foreign artists-- While I still have a strong affinity for overseas talent, I've since had the immense pleasure of meeting and interacting with a host of talented producers right here in Chicago.

Plicce (pronounced 'Please') is crazy; he's banging out tunes all the time, non-stop. He also happens to be my roommate! He'll tell me about an idea he has for a song and then the next day it'll already be done. Other awesome Chicago producers I support include Equator Club, Aztek, Romance, DJ Fourth Drop, and Krueger. Finally, I am affiliated with Them Flavors and Rogue Agency, so basically all of the amazing people involved with those organizations as well.

 MODA: What kind of vibe are you going for while playing the MODA show?

Farsight: The mix I've provided here, though good fun, does not really reflect my plans for the MODA show. In fact, the music for the show will be a collaborative effort from myself and my good friend Lucas Friss, otherwise known as Nu Lucas. We're envisioning an airy, sensual tone with a steady beat that will augment the show rather than demand attention-- the focal point will be the worn fashion.  I'm super excited, I think it'll be a great time!

MODA: How do you see music and fashion coming together? 

Farsight: Crocs that make a noise whenever you take a step. I'm accepting kickstarter funding for this project now, actually.

Here is a 10 minute exploration of some of Farsight's current favorite tracks at the moment, typical of what you would hear at one of his sets at a club. 


Get 2 Werk [Prod. LSDXOXO] - Cakes Da Killa

Air Jordans - Drippin

Code Switch (Georgia Girls Hollow Nose Edit) - Hysterics

Werk'd It - MikeQ & DJ Sliink

Thundercat Ha - Tony Krayola

Back It Up - Krueger

Grams (Feat. Seer JΓΊ) - TomΓ‘s Urquieta & Imaabs

Play This - Equator Club

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