The Best At-Home Hangover Remedies

The Best At-Home Hangover Remedies

Festivities, gatherings, friends, family, your average Wednesday… or Monday… What better occasions are there to raise a glass and drink to our hearts content, be it to drown our successes, our sorrows or to quench our endless thirst? At the end of the day, it’s always five o’clock somewhere! We fly so high on such endless nights, momentarily forgetting about the crash landing due the following morning. Here are nine unconventional yet absolutely game-changing ways to pick yourself back up and power through a hammering hangover.


1.    Sushi, Miso Soup & Ramen Noodles

Carbs, water and sodium are the three recovery essentials that will replenish your body and provide everything that it needs to restore itself. Sushi lovers: Indulge. For those of you that find the idea of raw fish after a night out slightly… unappealing, opt for some steamy ramen or miso soup; they will go down and sit smoothly, especially during cold winter days, and you’ll feel them working their wonderful magic soon enough!


2.   Pickle Juice 

You read that right, as in the briny liquid used to preserve pickles in a jar. You mix that with a glass of water and it does wonders for regulating the sodium and water levels in your system. This cure is most popular in Russia and after all, they’d know best!


3.    Vitamin C Tablets & Electrolytes

Given that a hangover is, in essence, a depletion of our body’s essential vitamins and minerals, what better way of fueling it than by giving it just that!

Berocca and Redoxon are both well known for their powerful Vitamin C tablets. Dissolve these in half a glass of water (slightly more concentrated than usual) and drink a second full glass of water after that. The same applies to electrolyte tablets.

4.    Bananas & Dates

Start off your morning-after breakfast with healthy sugars. Add these to your oatmeal, cereal or smoothie and you’ll feel extra revitalized.


5.    A Huge Omelette with Lots of Pepper

Go big: 2, 3, 4… even 5 eggs! Throw in some veggies, a pinch of salt and start grinding black pepper all over the mix. Toss it on some coconut oil and your perfect recovery breakfast is ready. Best served with some whole-wheat toast on the side with some nut butter spread.


6.    ‘Dirty Lemon’ Tea 

Here’s what you’ll need: lemon juice, ginger, activated charcoal, ginseng, honey and water. Add as many of these ingredients as you can find at home. Pour some hot water, let the ingredients release their wonders and sip slowly whilst watching some Netflix.


7.    Virgin Mary

If you happen to have another social event the day after, but a body still suffering from last night’s fun, go for a Virgin Mary. Much like pickle juice, this tomato juice, pepper and lemon mixture has everything you’ll need to get going again.


8.   Coconut Water

 If the thought of having to chug gallons and gallons of plain water to feel better doesn’t sound very welcoming, try coconut water instead! The tropical flavor and healthy sugars will sure make rehydrating more enjoyable. 


9.    Oxygen

Even if staying indoors wrapped up like a maki roll in a half-asleep, half-awake liminal state might lure you, try heading outside for a short walk. It will fill your lungs with fresh air, the crisp winter breeze will help your head feel a little bit less clogged.  The ‘Dirty Lemon’ drink is a perfect choice after you’ve walked around in the cold. 

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Peer Eye: Bryce Weisholtz

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2019 Designer Profiles: Hannah Ni