How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

No matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to keep our overly optimistic resolutions for the new year. Resolutions are always about self-improvement. Whether it's going to the gym or learning a new skill, each year we set out to (try to) create a new and improved version of ourselves. To help you stick to your resolutions, make plenty of small ones that you can easily check off and keep you on the path to self-improvement instead of setting a giant, hard-to-achieve one. Create a list of small, easily accomplished goals with a group of friends from your house or even by yourself! Make sure that the list varies from simple manageable activities and some more challenging goals. Then, assign a certain number of points to each task. If you complete a task, you can add the points to your tally. At the end of the month, see how many points you logged and treat yourself - you're one step closer to accomplishing your goals!

Some resolutions that we are trying to hold ourselves to at MODA:

Go to the gym four times in one week (15 points)

This resolution usually tops everyone's list but also is the first to be broken. Check out the variety of (free!) fitness options on campus that make staying in shape that much more fun and engaging. Whether it's an hour of yoga between classes or an intense zumba class after a long afternoon in a quiet study spot, find a buddy or two to join you for a great way to de-stress during the day.

Compliment a stranger (5 points)

There's no better feeling than having a stranger come up to you in the dining hall to say that your lipstick rocks or stop you in the hallway to ask where you got your shoes. So pass it along and take a minute to compliment a stranger or fellow classmate - you might just make their day!

Ask someone on a date (20 points)

This one might take some guts but could be the start of something new and exciting! Ask that cute kid in your lecture class to a coffee date or take it to the next level with the crush you can't stop flirting with by taking them to one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago!

Learn a new skill (25 points)

There's never a wrong time to try something new but there's something extra symbolic about doing it at the start of a new quarter and a new year. Whether it's joining an improv comedy group on campus or checking out the beginner salsa classes offered by the Ballroom and Latin Dance Association - it's never too late to expand your comfort zone. You might just discover something new that you're really good at it!

Go to a nice restaurant alone (20 points)

Sure it's great to go out on a Saturday night and eat with your friends, but sometimes it's nice to just go alone and enjoy some quiet people watching. Find a fancy spot downtown and make a day out of it with some shopping and sightseeing beforehand.

Ace a test (40+ points)

College is all about gaining new life experiences and making new friends but it's also about working hard. And nobody knows that better than UChicago students. Use the gloominess of winter quarter to help really focus on your schoolwork and ace those exams! If being around campus is too stressful or you just need a change of scenery from Harper or the Reg, check out some of our favorite off campus quiet spots where you can really hit the books.

And there are so many more you can add to personalize your list!

Happy 2016 :)

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What are your New Year's resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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