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Brands to Know: Red Earth

Red Earth is a minimalistic skincare and makeup brand that embraces its Australian roots through the naturally derived ingredients they use in their products, like Australian Kakadu Plum and Tasmanian Sea Kelp. Their products range from cleansers and serums to foundations, BB Cream, and some super creative lipstick matches. This up and coming beauty brand is especially worth checking out if you have dry or dehydrated skin, as most of their products target dryness and dullness to give your skin a beautiful glow (with or without makeup!)

Skincare Saviors for Midterm Season

It's easy to let midterm season overwhelm you.  One minute, you think you have your life together, and the next minute you're bombarded with an onslaught of paper deadlines and exam dates.  Worst of all, lack of sleep and general stress can take a huge toll on your skin.  Thankfully, a good skin-care routine can save the day.  Whether you're struggling with stress-induced breakouts or dark circles from sleep deprivation, here are some ultra effective skincare products to get you're skin through these next few weeks.