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Feeds to Follow: @bestdressed

In another round of Feeds to Follow, I’m focusing in on Ashley from her Youtube channel, bestdressed, and Instagram, @best.dressed. Her channel and internet presence has blown up these past couple months, and it’s no surprise with her sassy and utterly genuine personality, stunning videography, and unapologetically original content.

Violette and Estée Lauder Create French Girl Beauty for the Masses

I'm simultaneously a self proclaimed makeup junkie and a self proclaimed cool french girl wannabe, so imagine my joy when I stumbled accross @violette_fr on istagram and youtube! Violette is a french makeup artist and online influencer with a very french girl chic kind of vibe. Basically, she makes me want to try out everything minimalistic. If you want to know how to look effortlessly cool, while simultaneously keeping up on the daily life of a very successful makeup artist, make sure to check Violette out. 


Hack Your Feed: Cool Design Instagrams to Explore

Here are some of my favorite accounts to grace your feed with some quality graphics! 

Appreciation of graphic design (predominantly in the poster domain) has always been one of my hobbies, but not until recently did I discover the booming community on Instagram that shares this love. Albeit, I'm more of a gawker than a creator ("let's drop quantum mechanics to design loudly graphic posters" sometimes does cross my mind though, normally during p-sets), yet this recently curated list has been all my thumbs have been double tapping and scrolling of late.