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Feeds to Follow: @bestdressed

In another round of Feeds to Follow, I’m focusing in on Ashley from her Youtube channel, bestdressed, and Instagram, @best.dressed. Her channel and internet presence has blown up these past couple months, and it’s no surprise with her sassy and utterly genuine personality, stunning videography, and unapologetically original content.

How to Collage Your Insta Feed

I’ve been spending the days away from the computer and driving thousands of kilometers throughout middle Europe (I’m not joking odometer count is up to 15560 km) and have been proliferating Instagram with digital collage doodle things (a more official name is unbeknownst to me). I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite apps and tips and tricks and all that glorious jazz so you too can waste your summer hours fidgeting with shapes and layers, ya know if you’d like.

Hack Your Feed: Cool Design Instagrams to Explore

Here are some of my favorite accounts to grace your feed with some quality graphics! 

Appreciation of graphic design (predominantly in the poster domain) has always been one of my hobbies, but not until recently did I discover the booming community on Instagram that shares this love. Albeit, I'm more of a gawker than a creator ("let's drop quantum mechanics to design loudly graphic posters" sometimes does cross my mind though, normally during p-sets), yet this recently curated list has been all my thumbs have been double tapping and scrolling of late. 

Feeds to Follow: @artlexachung

Feeds to Follow: @artlexachung - recently, I stumbled upon an Instagram account, run by María and Beatriz Valdovín, dedicated solely to Alexa and art. With each post juxtaposing a shot of Alexa and a piece of classic art, I am endlessly scrolling and endlessly inspired. She's a classic (at least to me), she's next to classics, it's all beautiful and worth your immediate follow, whether you are an Alexa super-fan like me or not.