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Violette and Estée Lauder Create French Girl Beauty for the Masses

I'm simultaneously a self proclaimed makeup junkie and a self proclaimed cool french girl wannabe, so imagine my joy when I stumbled accross @violette_fr on istagram and youtube! Violette is a french makeup artist and online influencer with a very french girl chic kind of vibe. Basically, she makes me want to try out everything minimalistic. If you want to know how to look effortlessly cool, while simultaneously keeping up on the daily life of a very successful makeup artist, make sure to check Violette out. 


Revamping My Daily Makeup Routine

My current routine is simple and quick (because, let's face it, thermodynamics is not a very alluring reason to wake up even earlier to brace windchills and snow), and here are some of the makeup products I've recently fallen back into loving.