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News for Millennials: The Outline

Through part of one of my many (and frequently abandoned) self improvement stints, I discovered The Outline and have stuck with reading their modern take on current events and newstories. Subscribing to their email subscription list (you can do so too - here!) has upped my morning with current events and incredible graphic design (a refreshing alternative to other news outlets!)

2017 Elections: This Year's Biggest Winners

One year after Donald Trump's presidential win, United States citizens voted in elections at the local and regional level, including gubernatorial elections, elections to city councils, and mayoral elections.  This year's elections featured several incredibly memorable races, and included some milestones for underrepresented groups in the political sphere. In case you were too busy studying to keep up with the news, here's a recap of this years biggest winners.  

Pentagram and Politics: Border City

Notorious for their cutting edge graphic design and powerhouse of all-star artist partners, Pentagram is the quintessential hub of typographic design. With various projects ranging from the Public Theater to Planned Parenthood, the firm has made a strong impact on the way the world views and processes art, products, and cultural/political organizations and movements.