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Beauty Favorites: Dewey, Fresh Faces

It is no surprise that a dewey, glowing, fresh face is all the rage at the start of Spring. Prior to binging and blowing a paycheck at Sephora and Glossier, I had always been afraid of cream based products and feared they wouldn't blend or my face would get oily. Boy, was I wrong! 

Despite the uncharacteristically warm weeks of mid-February this year in Chicago, the past months of Winter wind and dry air really did a number on my skin. Frequently dry and flaking, especially around my nose, I finally had had enough and have now taken a vow to quit my lazy "makeup-wipe-and-off-to-bed" routine. 

With all my many new makeup and skincare items now in tow, I am here to share some tricks and products that make dewey, glowy skin an achievable goal, even after months (or 20 years) of neglect.