The Beauty Secret of Honey

The Beauty Secret of Honey

Have you heard the phrase “honey skin?"  In essence it refers to flawless, dewy, and glowing skin--even without any makeup on. Honey is not just sweet. It's also great for our health and has amazing effects for our body and skin as well.

For centuries honey has been an important ingredient in beauty products. Firstly, honey has a natural antibacterial ingredient which is great to calm and relieve your blemishes. Not only is it great for the new trouble marks on your skin, but it is excellent for healing old scars as well. In addition to soothing your skin, honey also acts as a moisturizer for your skin and hair. It makes your damaged hair soft, smooth, and sleek.

Honey is also an antioxidant, which has the effect of anti-aging and anti-cancer. A spoonful of honey in your tea help's boost your body's natural defense system. Moreover, honey also relieves eczema, swelling and redness. With all said, don’t you agree honey is an amazing ingredient for our skin?

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However, not all honey products on the market have 100% honey in them, making some more advantageous to your body than others. Thus, we've compiled a list of three high reviewed honey products that we swear by.

1. Honey Cream from I’m From

It doesn’t have artificial honey extraction. Made of 5% of real honey from Ji-Lee Mountain and 45% of Propolis (the liquid that the bees put on the entrance and the walls of the bee hives to protect the interior of the beehives). Propolis helps protect skin and restore damaged skin. This product also has royal jelly, which is what the queen bee eats for nourishment. Royal jelly improves skin elasticity and gives luster to your complexion. The product also includes beeswax, the liquid the bees mix to make the bee hives, which acts as a protective layer of moisture and nourishment. Moreover, there is no chemical ingredient in the products so it is awesome for sensitive skin.

2. Honey Mask from I’m From

It has 38.7% of real honey from Ji-Lee Moutain, which is called Oriental Medicine Honey. Put it on for 10 to 60 minutes to brighten your skin tone. One important note is that you cannot put it in cold places, like the fridge, because it will harden like real honey.

3. Honey Oil from Elishacoy

The advantage is that this oil is not heavy. It has seed butter--which is a natural ingredient that gives rich moisture to your skin-- manuka honey, and nine other natural plant oils. Without any stickiness and slipperiness, the texture is similar to that of an essence. Furthermore, it also has extracts from lavender, rosemary, chamomile, and rose, so the scent is really feminine but not strong. You can use it as multi-functional oil: on your face, your hair, your hands, your feet, even your nails and cuticles!

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