The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Photo by gitusik/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gitusik/iStock / Getty Images

When I ask my dad why he buys gifts for those who don't seem to appreciate them (guilty parties - my mother and myself), he says "a bad gift is wrong, but two empty hands are just sin". Valentine's Day is pushed on us as the one time of the year where we can show the people we really care about, exactly how much we care, by putting a dollar amount on it. Such mindless consumerism can be off-putting but it is nice to take time to reflect on the important people in our lives and say that they matter to us. Our gift guide is here to help you figure out a meaningful way to say thank you to a special someone.

Before delving into the gift guide, some general tips:

  1. Be creative with what is a “gift”. It doesn’t have to be a physical thing. It can be anything that makes him/her/you feel loved.
  2. Start early. A multi-drafted paper is usually better than a last-minute inspiration. A meaningful combination of flowers is definitely better than a huge bouquet of roses. Though overnight shipping does exist, you need actual time to work out the details because it's the little things and thoughts behind them that really matter.
  3. If you're single, there's no need to feel upset or lonely. Valentine's Day is supposed to be about love so take the time to show your friends how much they mean to you or even take the time to appreciate how awesome you are. 

Gifts for Yourself

Beanbag: Not just any beanbag, but the Muji Body Fit Beanbag. Compact and available in a variety of color options, it makes the perfect addition to your cramped dorm room. Curl up in it and tackle your tricky sosc reading or lay it vertically for a cozy nap corner, the possibilities are endless. Sometimes it's the small things in life that make you the happiest. 

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Beauty Sets: Valentine's Day is a great time to hit refresh on your beauty routine and really focus on taking care of yourself. Take the time to do a mini at-home spa day or invest in some new beauty tools to up your game.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic Kit - Face masks are a great way to unwind after a long day. Invite a few girl friends over, pop on a movie and let the masks do their thing.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Delight - Even if you haven't got a special kiss for V day, there's no reason to neglect your lips. This set of tinted lip balms and treatments will keep your lips moisturized with a sheer wash of color.
  • Beautyblender - The original sponge that changed the game. Perfect for that flawless my-skin-but-better look, the Beautyblender is perfect for applying your foundation in a flash.

Gifts For Your Significant Other

Aroma: Long lasting, highly personal, and a perfect excuse to sneak in for another kiss - give the gift of scent this Valentine's Day. Whether cologne, perfume or a diffuser for their room, a little scent goes a long way and will make them smile every time they inhale. 

  • Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer - Simply add wax melts to this pretty glass fragrance warmer for a beautifully scented room and a piece of decor, all in one.
  • Jo Malone Cologne -  With it's iconic packaging and eclectic pairings, there's a Jo Malone scent for everyone. We are partial to the unisex appeal of "Amber and Lavender" for it's balance of heady amber and soothing fresh lavender. 
  • CB I Hate Perfume: Perfume for the perfume-hater. Full of innovative offerings like "Russian Caravan Tea", "Memory of Kindness" and "At The Beach 1966", these edgy and unique scents will stand out in a sea of Marc Jacobs "Daisy" and Dolce & Gabbana "Light Blue".

An Outing: The most memorable gifts don't have to be the most expensive gifts. Take some time to think about what your partner likes to do. Whether it's a concert, a museum visit, or even exploring a new neighborhood in Chicago....let half the day be for doing things to make your partner happy and half the day on things you've always wanted to do together.

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Dine-in: Nothing says love like the time and effort poured into putting together a home-cooked meal. Even if your cooking technique is more whatever-is-in-your-fridge stir-fry than Julia Child, your partner will appreciate the care and thought you put into it. Stick a candle in an empty wine bottle and arrange some fresh flowers in a pretty cup for set-up that is as charming as it is romantic.  

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What are your Valentine's Day plans? What gifts do you have in mind for your loved ones? Let us know in the comments below! 

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